Governor Ortom Slams Buhari Administration, Calls it Nigeria’s Worst in History

Governor Ortom Slams Buhari Administration, Calls it Nigeria’s Worst in History

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State has strongly condemned the Buhari administration, describing the past eight years as the most disastrous in Nigeria’s history.


Ortom asserts that during this period, the country witnessed a significant deterioration in prosperity, security, and competent governance.

Contrasting Leadership: Goodluck Jonathan vs. Muhammadu Buhari

Ortom reminisces about the flourishing state of Nigeria under former President Goodluck Jonathan and draws a sharp contrast to the current state under President Muhammadu Buhari’s leadership.

He accuses the present government of pushing the country several years backward, resulting in hardship for all Nigerians.

Regress and Mismanagement Under Buhari’s Administration

The governor invites Nigerians to assess the changes in prices of goods, services, and the exchange rate, arguing that Nigeria has regressed by several years under Buhari’s administration.

He points to widespread corruption and mismanagement as contributing factors.

Continuing Impact of Government Failures

While acknowledging President Buhari’s recent apology to the nation, Ortom emphasizes that Nigerians continue to endure the consequences of the government’s failures.


He criticizes the president for his handling of the armed Fulani herdsmen crisis, further underscoring the administration’s shortcomings.

Speaking Out Against Injustice

Despite the potential backlash, Governor Ortom pledges to persist in speaking out against injustice, firmly believing that expressing the truth is paramount, regardless of the consequences.

He vows to stand with the people of Benue and raise his voice against any perceived unfairness.


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