Lampard’s Approach to Remaining Premier League Fixtures and Potential Impact on Other Teams

Lampard’s Approach to Remaining Premier League Fixtures and Potential Impact on Other Teams

...By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media.

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has stated that his team will play for pride in the remaining matches of their disappointing Premier League campaign.


While Chelsea currently sits in 11th place, Lampard acknowledges that their results could still influence the title race, top-four battle, and relegation fight.

Playing for Pride and Ignoring External Consequences:

Lampard emphasized that Chelsea will approach each game with pride, regardless of the consequences for other teams.

He stated that their primary concern lies in their own performance and results.

By focusing on their own game, Lampard aims to maintain a competitive mindset and end the season on a positive note.

Fixture against Struggling Nottingham Forest:

This weekend, Chelsea will host Nottingham Forest, a team fighting to avoid relegation.

A victory for Lampard’s side would significantly dent Forest’s survival hopes, as they are only three points clear of the bottom three.


Lampard and his players understand the potential impact of this match and the opportunity to influence the relegation battle.

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Upcoming Clash with League Leaders Manchester City:

Following the Nottingham Forest game, Chelsea faces a challenging away fixture against Manchester City, the current league leaders.

Lampard, having previously managed Everton, was the last visiting manager to secure a point at the Etihad Stadium.

While City appears to be in control of the title race, Lampard’s experience could provide insights on how to disrupt their dominance.

Closing the Season against Newcastle and Manchester United:

In their final two matches, Chelsea will play Newcastle and Manchester United, both teams fighting for a spot in the top four to secure Champions League qualification.

Lampard’s side could have a significant say in the outcome of this battle.

Liverpool, a resurgent team, is breathing down the necks of both Newcastle and Manchester United, making these fixtures crucial for all involved parties.

Analysis and Commentary:

Lampard’s focus on playing for pride demonstrates his commitment to maintaining a competitive spirit within the team.


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By not discussing the potential impact of their results with the players, he aims to ensure that they remain focused solely on their own performance.

This approach can help eliminate distractions and foster a strong team mentality.

Chelsea’s upcoming fixtures against struggling Nottingham Forest, league leaders Manchester City, and Champions League hopefuls Newcastle and Manchester United present opportunities for Lampard’s team to influence various aspects of the Premier League table.

A victory over Nottingham Forest would both aid Chelsea’s pride and hinder Forest’s survival hopes.

Additionally, by challenging Manchester City, Chelsea could provide valuable insights to their competitors in the title race.

Lampard also expressed his support for his former club, Everton, who are currently battling relegation.

While he maintains a connection to Everton, his priority lies with Chelsea, and he hopes they can secure their own objectives.

This demonstrates his professionalism and focus on the task at hand.


In conclusion, Lampard’s approach to Chelsea’s remaining Premier League fixtures highlights their determination to play for pride.

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While their own consequences remain their primary concern, the outcomes of these matches could have far-reaching effects on the title race, top-four battle, and relegation fight.

Lampard’s experience and strategic insights could prove vital in influencing these outcomes.


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