Fine Dining for Furry Friends: ‘Fiuto’ Unleashes a Canine Culinary Experience in Rome

Fine Dining for Furry Friends: ‘Fiuto’ Unleashes a Canine Culinary Experience in Rome

A Culinary Haven for Canines

In the heart of Italy’s capital, Rome, ‘Fiuto,’ the nation’s inaugural dogs’ restaurant, has become a sensation.

With soft lighting, ambient music, and a carefully curated menu, this unique establishment caters to both humans and their beloved pets.

Head chef Luca Grammatico, a former dog trainer, collaborates with a veterinary nutritionist to craft mouthwatering meals, including options like boiled eggs with pureed peas and fontina cheese or fish with ricotta and courgettes.

Canine Gastronomy and Tailored Treats

Dogs dining at ‘Fiuto’ pay a fee-per-head to relish these delectable meals, with prices ranging from €8-€20 (£17).

The menu, meticulously designed to accommodate canine allergies, offers beverages like green apple and watermelon juice or pear, strawberry, and banana concoctions.

Portion sizes are tailored to the dogs’ weight categories, ensuring a balanced and suitable diet.

The restaurant’s commitment to canine health includes a separate kitchen for dog food preparation, emphasizing no spices, salt, or oils in their meals.

A Canine Oasis in the Heart of Rome

‘Fiuto’ has quickly gained popularity since its opening a month ago, attracting six to ten dogs on weekdays and 10 to 15 on weekends.

The success has surpassed the expectations of its co-founders, who express delight in the restaurant’s unexpected triumph.

Screens between tables ensure a peaceful dining experience for the canine guests, preventing disturbances and maintaining a serene atmosphere.

A Dog’s Delight

As patrons celebrate special occasions, such as dog birthdays, at ‘Fiuto,’ the restaurant’s co-founders express joy in the positive response from dog owners.

Social media platforms have become a space for patrons to share their enthusiasm for this unique dining concept.

The restaurant’s commitment to creating a dog-friendly environment is evident, bringing joy to both human and canine guests.


The emergence of ‘Fiuto’ as Italy’s first dogs’ restaurant represents a delightful fusion of culinary innovation and pet-friendly hospitality.

The positive response from dog owners and the establishment’s strategic measures, such as screens between tables, underscore the unique and well-received nature of ‘Fiuto.’

The celebration of special occasions and the joy expressed by the co-founders further emphasize the restaurant’s role as a cherished space for both dogs and their owners.

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