Non-Human Communication: Canine-Identifying Gathering in Berlin

Barking and Howling Communication

During the gathering, these canine-identifying individuals communicated with each other through barking and howling, emphasizing their commitment to their non-human identities.

The event provided a platform for them to express their desire for society to acknowledge and respect their chosen identities as dogs.

The “Trans-Species” Perspective

The participants at this gathering belong to a category known as “trans-species” individuals.

These are people who assert that they do not feel or identify as human beings but, rather, identify as specific animals or even mythological beings.

This movement challenges traditional notions of identity and prompts discussions about the diversity of human experiences and self-perception.

A Visual Representation

Video footage from the event circulated online, offering a glimpse into this unique gathering.

The visuals depict dozens of participants wearing elaborate dog costumes as they pose for a group photograph, highlighting the striking visual aspect of their advocacy.

Exploring Identity

The gathering in Berlin underscores the complex and evolving nature of human identity. It raises questions about how society defines and accommodates diverse identities, including those that challenge conventional categories.

The “Canine Beings” movement, with its focus on identifying as dogs, provides a thought-provoking perspective on the rich tapestry of human experiences and self-understanding.

rate dog costumes posing for a group photo.

Trans-species people are humans who claim they do not feel or identify as human beings, but instead as specific animals or mythological being