Family Faces Frustration as Demolition Rubble Hinders Enjoyment of Their Garden

Family Faces Frustration as Demolition Rubble Hinders Enjoyment of Their Garden

…By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media. Paul and Jude Tranter, residents of Hollington Drive, have been confronted with a towering pile of bricks resulting from the demolition of the adjacent Jester pub.


The presence of the rubble has not only obstructed their view but has also caused continuous dust accumulation in their garden, making it impossible to enjoy the outdoor space.

Despite cleaning their windows weekly to combat the dust, the problem persists.

The Tranter family’s ordeal highlights the negative consequences of a stalled construction project and the impact it can have on neighboring properties.

The unaddressed debris pile and the subsequent dust accumulation have significantly impacted their quality of life, particularly in terms of their ability to utilize and appreciate their garden.

This situation raises questions about responsible planning and the obligation of developers to mitigate the impact on neighboring residents during the construction process.

Disruption and Concerns for Children’s Safety

The Tranter family has endured the presence of the debris for a year, with their children resorting to climbing the mound and throwing bricks into their own back garden.


The lack of progress in resolving the situation has raised concerns about the safety of the children and the overall inconvenience experienced by the family.

The safety hazards posed by children engaging with the debris pile underscore the urgency of resolving the situation promptly.

The family’s frustration is not only limited to the aesthetic and practical aspects but also extends to the potential risks associated with unsupervised access to construction materials.

This emphasizes the importance of prompt action by the developer to ensure the safety of both the Tranter family and the broader community.

Stoke-on-Trent City Council has rejected the proposed development of eight bungalows, contributing to the prolonged delay in addressing the debris issue.

NSJ Contractors, the developer, expresses hopes of obtaining planning permission soon but faces resistance from the planners who prefer a smaller-scale development.

The company intends to reuse the crushed materials from the pub in the construction project rather than disposing of them in a landfill.

However, until planning permission is granted, the debris remains in its current location.



The challenges faced in obtaining planning permission and the differences in vision between the developer and the council contribute to the prolonged delay in resolving the issue.

While the developer emphasizes their commitment to environmental sustainability by reusing the crushed materials, the lack of progress continues to impact the Tranter family’s daily lives.

This situation highlights the complexity of balancing developmental needs, environmental concerns, and community well-being in the planning process.


The Tranter family’s frustrating experience with the unresolved demolition debris and dust accumulation demonstrates the importance of effective communication and timely action in addressing the concerns of neighboring residents during construction projects.

The delays caused by planning permission challenges and environmental considerations have resulted in a significant disruption to the family’s daily life and compromised their ability to enjoy their home and garden.

Resolving this situation promptly and prioritizing the safety and well-being of the community should be a shared responsibility between the developer and the local authorities.


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