6 Factors That Can Significantly Impact Your Truck Accident Case 

6 Factors That Can Significantly Impact Your Truck Accident Case 

Truck accidents can be catastrophic. Due to their relative size and weight, commercial truck accidents can result in more severe damage than those involving passenger vehicles. 

Truck accidents usually involve several potentially guilty parties, the possibility of legal infractions, and other factors that may significantly impact your truck accident case. 

Every truck accident case requires well-structured evidence to back up your claims, and it is sometimes tough to accumulate. However, with the help of the experienced truck accident attorneys at Redemption Law, you will get the compensation you deserve. 

6 Factors that can significantly impact your truck accident case

A truck accident lawyer must assess several significant factors in a truck accident case.

Medical bills 

Medical bills are one of the most critical factors in a truck accident case. The injuries sustained in truck accidents can be very severe, and there is a need for immediate medical care. You must add up the costs of every medical care you have received, as well as any future medical care you are to receive for your injuries. 

A truck accident injury should show improvement from medical care before settling a truck accident case. Injured victims can get less money than what they initially intended to receive if they agree to a settlement before the end of their medical care. 

Before accepting any compensation, an injured victim must be fully aware of the amount of future and present medical expenses that are necessary for a settlement. Medical expenses may include:

  • Ambulance ride
  • Hospitalization 
  • Imaging (X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs)
  • Physical therapy 
  • Medical equipment 
  • Medical prescription 
  • Rehabilitation 

Lost Wages 

Truck accidents can cause severe injuries to the victims involved, and these may stop them from going back to work because of the time needed to recover from injuries and attend medical appointments. If your injuries prevent you from working, your truck accident case may consider the money and bonuses you would have earned. 

It will help if you get an experienced truck accident lawyer to assist you with providing and utilizing the proper documents needed to prove lost wages in your truck accident case.

Pain and suffering 

Following a truck accident case, the proper evidence must be available to back up claims for pain and suffering damages. Proving pain and suffering from a truck accident can be difficult because many of these characteristics are elusive and cannot be summed up and presented in a certain way. Although, with the aid of an experienced truck accident lawyer, it is possible to get compensation for your claims. A lawyer will help you assess the total extent of your damages and injuries, as well as how they have affected your life and the lives of your loved ones. The compensation you may be entitled to includes the following:

  • Physical pain
  • Emotional distress 
  • Loss of enjoyment of life 
  • Disfiguring and scarring 
  • Physical limitations 
  • Fear
  • Anxiety 

Property damages

When there is a collision between a large commercial truck and a passenger vehicle, the passenger vehicle sustains more damage. Sometimes these damages are not fixable, and the truck driver’s insurance company will have to declare the car a total loss and not attempt to fix it. Although, if the vehicle is fixable, the insurance company will have to repair the damages. To generate an estimate, an insurance adjuster will examine the car for damages. It is also best that you take your vehicle to a different repair facility for an additional assessment. 

Insurance policy 

Settlements with insurance companies are a common way to end a truck accident case. The insurance company of the person who’s at fault will be a significant factor in the total cost or value of the claims. A victim of a truck accident may need to initiate a truck accident lawsuit to seek compensation from the personal assets of the at-fault party if an insurance policy is unable to compensate for all damages.

Shared fault 

Sometimes in a truck accident, both parties are at fault, and the injured victims get to recover compensation. Although, based on their degree of responsibility, the victim’s overall balance will diminish. These can be difficult to comprehend without the help of an experienced truck accident lawyer. 

Talk to a lawyer about your case to get legal counsel

If you need to claim compensation in a truck accident case, you should consult a truck accident attorney to ensure a fair and satisfactory settlement.

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