Kevin Sinfield’s Touching Gesture: Carrying Rob Burrow Over Marathon Finish Line

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. In a heartwarming display of friendship and support, Kevin Sinfield lifted his best friend, Rob Burrow, from his wheelchair and carried him over the finish line of the Leeds Marathon.


Sinfield had pushed Burrow throughout the entire 26.2 miles, and the crowd erupted in cheers as they witnessed this remarkable moment.

Sinfield held Burrow, kissed him, and together they took their final steps across the finish line.

Kevin Sinfield’s act of carrying Rob Burrow over the marathon finish line exemplifies the power of friendship and solidarity.

It showcases the deep bond between the two and symbolizes the unwavering support Sinfield provides to Burrow amidst his battle with motor neurone disease.

The crowd’s enthusiastic response reflects the collective admiration for their friendship and the inspiring nature of their journey.

A Celebration of Friendship and Charitable Endeavors

The Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon, held on Sunday, served not only as a vital charity fundraiser but also as a celebration of the enduring friendship between Sinfield and Burrow.


Burrow, a former rugby player, was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 2019, drastically altering his life.

The event, organized by Leeds City Council in partnership with Jane Tomlinson’s Run For All charity, has already raised over £1 million.

Sinfield, who has raised over £8 million for motor neurone disease charities, emphasized the significance of the event as a celebration of friendship.

The opportunity to participate alongside 12,500 individuals and receive support from the community is seen as a testament to the spirit of Leeds.

The Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon represents a platform for raising awareness about motor neurone disease and supporting charitable causes.

Kevin Sinfield’s dedication to raising funds for motor neurone disease charities has garnered immense support and demonstrated the power of collective action in making a difference.

The collaboration between Leeds City Council and Jane Tomlinson’s Run For All charity highlights the community’s commitment to tackling important issues and supporting individuals like Burrow.

Inspiration and Personal Achievements

The decision to organize the first marathon in Leeds in 20 years was inspired by Kevin Sinfield’s previous running challenges.


Sinfield, who will be pushing Burrow in a specially-adapted wheelchair, has completed numerous impressive feats, including the Ultra 7 in 7 Challenge and running seven marathons in seven days.

Additionally, Burrow’s wife, Lindsey, participated in her first full marathon despite carrying a knee injury.


Kevin Sinfield’s endurance challenges have not only pushed the boundaries of his own physical capabilities but have also served as a source of inspiration for organizing the marathon in Leeds.

His determination to support Burrow and raise funds for motor neurone disease charities has motivated others to engage in extraordinary feats for a meaningful cause.

Lindsey Burrow’s participation, despite her injury, showcases the personal commitment and resilience demonstrated by individuals connected to Burrow’s journey.


Kevin Sinfield’s act of carrying Rob Burrow across the finish line of the Leeds Marathon has captured the hearts of many, symbolizing the strength of their friendship and the power of support in overcoming adversity.

The event itself serves as a celebration of their bond, as well as a platform for raising awareness and funds for motor neurone disease charities.

Inspired by Sinfield’s previous running challenges, the marathon showcases the determination and resilience of individuals committed to making a positive impact in the face of challenges.


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