Government UFO Cover-Up? Congress Grills Witnesses on Claims of Alien Technology

Government UFO Cover-Up? Congress Grills Witnesses on Claims of Alien Technology

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The US Congress recently conducted a public hearing addressing allegations of the government concealing its knowledge of UFOs.


The hearing gained attention after Pentagon whistleblowers came forward with claims of encountering alien technology that appeared to defy the laws of physics.

In recent years, interest in UFOs has grown, and the US military has expressed its commitment to investigating sightings that lack a clear explanation.

Allegations of a Cover-Up

During the hearing, no direct evidence of aliens was revealed, but witnesses made allegations of a cover-up within the US government.


Three witnesses participated in the proceedings, each providing unique insights.

David Grusch, a former intelligence official and whistleblower, asserted that the US government had engaged in a decades-long program focused on collecting and attempting to reverse-engineer crashed UFOs.

Grusch had previously claimed that the US possessed “intact and partially intact” alien vehicles. He also disclosed that he faced retaliation and was denied access to secret government UFO programs after going public with his assertions.

Moreover, Grusch hinted at the possibility of violence, claiming that people had been harmed or injured while trying to hide extraterrestrial technology.

Pentagon Denials

The Pentagon denied Grusch’s cover-up allegations.


A defense department spokesperson issued a statement refuting any verifiable information supporting the existence of programs related to the possession or reverse-engineering of extraterrestrial materials, either in the past or currently.

Additional Witnesses and Their Testimonies

Apart from David Grusch, the hearing featured other witnesses who added to the discussions.

David Fravor, an ex-Navy commander, recounted an encounter with a mysterious object in the sky during a 2004 training mission.

Ryan Graves, a retired Navy pilot, claimed to have observed unidentified aerial phenomena off the Atlantic coast consistently for several years.

Graves highlighted that these sightings were not isolated and were witnessed by both military aircrews and commercial pilots, emphasizing the need for accurate identification.


Doubts Arise

While the witnesses presented compelling testimonies, doubts emerged during the hearing.

Grusch’s testimony appeared contradictory, as he had previously made statements about very large alien craft, as well as a “bell-like craft” in possession of the US government.

However, during the hearing, Grusch refrained from providing further details, citing security concerns.

The Path Ahead: Potential Legislation

As the hearing concluded, Congressman Glenn Grothman, the chair of the House subcommittee on national security, the border, and foreign affairs, expressed his belief that legislation would follow.

He described the hearing as illuminating and suggested that further inquiries would take place in a more confidential setting.


The revelations and claims presented during the hearing could potentially lead to new legislative actions in the future.


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