‘Enslaved’ mother who got ‘starved, severely punished by 3 sadists, abandoned to die in a cupboard, found dead by neighbors.

‘Enslaved’ mother who got ‘starved, severely punished by 3 sadists, abandoned to die in a cupboard, found dead by neighbors.

Alleged Horrific Abuse and Murder

A harrowing court case reveals the shocking details of alleged abuse and murder involving Shakira Spencer, a mother who was described as being ‘starved, tortured, and beaten’ by three individuals described as ‘sadistic.’ The court heard that Shakira Spencer’s lifeless body was discovered in her west London flat in Hanwell after a neighbor noticed maggots coming from under her front door.

Deterioration of Health

Shakira Spencer, who had once been a ‘voluptuous size 16,’ had reportedly been reduced to a state of ‘skin and bone’ by July of the previous year. She had allegedly been subjected to starvation, torture, and abuse, leading to her tragic demise.

Accused Killers and Their Control

Ashana Studholme, aged 38, her lover Shaun Pendlebury, aged 26, both of Ealing, and Lisa Richardson, aged 44, of Harrow, are all facing charges of murder and preventing a lawful burial. The prosecution contends that these three individuals controlled and tortured Ms. Spencer, completely dominating her life, including her finances and living conditions.

Despicable Treatment

The court heard that the accused killers treated Shakira Spencer with utter contempt and sadistic cruelty, viewing her as a specimen of humanity to be abused. Their alleged abuse was reportedly filmed, and they subjected her to physical and emotional torment.

Escalation of Violence

The prosecutor, Allison Hunter KC, revealed that on September 9 and 10, the defendants escalated their abuse. They ganged up on Ms. Spencer, indicating their intention to inflict harm collectively.

Fatal Beatings

On the morning of September 10, Shakira Spencer attempted to enter Ashana Studholme’s home but was redirected to the side entrance, as was usual. Half an hour later, Studholme texted Lisa Richardson, stating that she had injured Ms. Spencer and required her presence urgently. Later that evening, fatal beatings occurred, leading to Ms. Spencer’s demise.

Cover-Up and Disposal of Evidence

After the fatal incident, the accused attempted to cover up their actions. They withdrew money from Ms. Spencer’s bank account, bought cleaning supplies, and disposed of evidence in the form of refuse sacks. CCTV footage captured their suspicious activities.

Alleged Transportation of the Body

The prosecution alleges that Ms. Spencer’s body was placed in the boot of a car and transported back to her own flat. CCTV footage reportedly shows Ashana Studholme struggling to carry Ms. Spencer, who could not walk properly, into the building.

Heartless Disposition

The accused individuals allegedly displayed a heartless disposition, and they were observed laughing and joking after the horrific incident. Text messages revealed their efforts to obtain a padlock for the cupboard where Ms. Spencer’s body was concealed.

Allegations of Sending a Grim Message

A Snapchat message sent by Ashana Studholme, which said ‘Is she dead yet?,’ is believed to have been an answer to a question, suggesting that Shakira Spencer had died by that time.

Caravan Request and Body Disposal

Shaun Pendlebury, one of the accused, reportedly requested the use of a caravan from his aunt, possibly for disposing of Ms. Spencer’s body. The caravan was later driven to a location near Ms. Spencer’s address in Ealing.

Denial of Charges

Mr. Pendlebury, Ms. Richardson, and Ms. Studholme have all denied charges of murder and preventing a lawful burial. The trial continues, revealing the disturbing details of the alleged abuse and murder of Shakira Spencer.

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