Mother and Son Imprisoned After XL Bully Dog Attack Leaves Eight-Year-Old Boy Severely Injured

Mother and Son Imprisoned After XL Bully Dog Attack Leaves Eight-Year-Old Boy Severely Injured

Amanda Young, aged 49, and her son Lewis, aged 30, have been sentenced to jail following a horrifying incident where an XL Bully dog viciously attacked an eight-year-old boy, causing severe injuries including a fractured skull and loss of scalp.

The attack occurred in February this year while the mother and son were residing together in a rented flat in Bootle, Merseyside.

Lewis Young, employed as a delivery driver, purchased the dog named Snoop through a Facebook advertisement, neglecting to ascertain whether the breed was banned under new legislation implemented at the start of the year.

Despite being aware of the dog’s presence in their residence, Amanda Young allowed Snoop to roam freely outside their flat while she was occupied with drinking alcohol.

On the day of the attack, witnesses reported the dog displaying aggressive behavior before it viciously attacked the young victim in the communal area of the flats.

The dog latched onto the boy’s head and neck, causing significant injuries, including the loss of his scalp. Despite undergoing extensive surgery, doctors were unable to reattach the scalp, necessitating skin grafts instead.

Legal Proceedings and Impact on the Victim

Both Amanda and Lewis Young pleaded guilty to charges of being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control and causing injury.

The prosecution highlighted the devastating consequences of the attack, emphasizing the permanent scarring and psychological trauma suffered by the young victim.

The court heard testimonies detailing the harrowing ordeal, with witnesses recounting the frantic efforts to rescue the boy from the ferocious dog’s grip.

In their statements, the victim’s family expressed the profound impact of the attack, describing how the child now harbors a deep fear of dogs and suffers from ongoing physical and emotional distress.

The victim spent over two months in the hospital and is expected to miss school until after the summer holidays.

The court also heard accounts of heroic efforts by neighbors to intervene during the attack, underscoring the community’s shock and horror at the incident.

Sentencing and Accountability

During the sentencing hearing, Judge Andrew Menary QC condemned the defendants for their negligence and highlighted the gravity of the injuries inflicted upon the victim.

Amanda Young was criticized for her irresponsible actions, including leaving the door open, allowing the dog to roam freely despite being inebriated.

Lewis Young faced scrutiny for failing to comply with legal requirements regarding the dog’s ownership, including the use of a muzzle as mandated by law.

The judge imposed prison sentences of two years for Lewis Young and 20 months for Amanda Young, reflecting the severity of their actions and the resulting harm caused.

Additionally, both defendants were banned from owning dogs indefinitely, and the XL Bully dog involved in the attack was euthanized.

The sentencing serves as a reminder of the legal and moral obligations associated with pet ownership and the serious consequences of neglecting to adhere to regulatory requirements.

Impact on Legislation and Public Safety

The incident has prompted renewed scrutiny of legislation governing the ownership and control of potentially dangerous dog breeds.

Restrictions on XL Bully dogs were implemented following a series of fatal attacks, highlighting the need for stricter regulations to safeguard public safety.

The tragic consequences of the attack underscore the importance of responsible pet ownership and adherence to legal requirements aimed at preventing similar incidents in the future.

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