Elite Russian Soldiers ‘Machine-Gun’ Audience, Injuring Multiple People Including Children

Elite Russian Soldiers ‘Machine-Gun’ Audience, Injuring Multiple People Including Children


In a shocking incident that unfolded during a demonstration, members of Putin’s internal security forces fired their weapons at a crowd, causing panic and injuries.

The event took place in Elektrostal, a Moscow suburb, where National Guard soldiers performed a demonstration that quickly turned alarming.

Children in the audience were left terrified as the soldiers aimed their firearms and discharged blank cartridges.

The incident resulted in injuries to several individuals, including a four-year-old boy and a 54-year-old woman, both of whom were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Terrifying Display and Injuries

The horrifying moment was captured on video as National Guard soldiers transitioned from a polished demonstration to aiming their weapons at the crowd.


The children in attendance reacted with fear, covering their ears and shielding their faces from the loud bangs caused by the blank cartridges fired from the ‘elite’ RosGvardia guns.

Among the injured was a four-year-old boy who suffered a head injury after being hit by a projectile from one of the firearms.

Additionally, a 54-year-old woman sustained a serious facial injury that required surgery, rendering her unable to eat or speak for the time being.

Panic and Chaos Unfold

The crowd’s initially excited engagement turned into chaos and panic as the soldiers unexpectedly aimed their weapons at them.

A woman’s voice in the video can be heard expressing concern for those who might have been hit, and her worry escalates as she realizes that a child has been hurt.


The incident left children and spectators traumatized, with reports of children clutching their heads, screaming, and seeking shelter under benches.

Investigation and Fallout

An investigation was initiated by Russia’s Investigative Committee following the incident.

The video footage of the event circulated widely, showing the shocking turn of events during what was supposed to be a sports competition.

The incident raised questions about the safety measures in place during such demonstrations and prompted scrutiny of the actions of Putin’s elite forces.

The incident also raised suspicions of a potential cover-up, with at least one federal newspaper retracting its report on the incident.



The incident involving elite Russian soldiers firing blank cartridges at an audience, including children, during a demonstration has led to widespread concern and an investigation by the authorities.

The display of force took a distressing turn, causing injuries to multiple people and leaving a community traumatized.

As the investigation unfolds, questions remain about the circumstances that led to this alarming incident and the steps that will be taken to prevent such occurrences in the future.

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