Russian Artillery Hits Ukrainian Market killing not more than16 people and injuring 28.

Tragedy Strikes: Russian Artillery Hits Ukrainian Market

Bloodshed Unleashed in Kostiantynivka

A horrifying massacre unfolded at a bustling market in the Ukrainian town of Kostiantynivka as Russian artillery struck this afternoon. The attack, which took place at the ‘Mercury’ shopping center in Donetsk, has left a devastating toll, with at least 16 people confirmed dead and more than 20 others wounded, as reported by the Ukrainian Prime Minister.

A Fiery Catastrophe

The onslaught unleashed an inferno that swept through the market, obliterating shops and engulfing numerous vehicles in flames. Shocking videos shared by local residents on Telegram depict the harrowing scene, with terrified individuals fleeing for their lives as orange flames and thick black smoke billowed in the background.

A Stark Denunciation from Ukraine’s President

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed outrage over the incident, condemning Moscow’s military for targeting innocent civilians. He emphasized that those caught in the crossfire had done nothing wrong. Zelensky further warned that the death toll could rise as rescuers work tirelessly to evacuate the area and quell the raging flames. He urged swift action to counter this “Russian evil.”

A Close Proximity to Past Conflict

Kostiantynivka, situated just six miles from the city of Bakhmut, has been no stranger to the horrors of war. Bakhmut has historically been a focal point for some of the bloodiest and most fiercely contested battles in the ongoing conflict. The proximity of these two towns underscores the grim reality of the ongoing violence in the region.