Grandmother’s Joyful Terror: Viral Video Shows 93-Year-Old’s Amusing Reactions at Safari

Grandmother’s Joyful Terror: Viral Video Shows 93-Year-Old’s Amusing Reactions at Safari


In a recent visit to Farm Walnut Creek, a safari park, a woman named Michaela Miller, 18, from Ohio, had a comical and animated response when various animals poked their heads into her car to snag some treats.

This incident, captured on video, showcases Michaela’s amusing reactions as she interacts with the eager creatures along with her boyfriend, Toby Tatka, 18.

Terrified Yet Amused

As Michaela and Toby embarked on their trip to Farm Walnut Creek, little did they know that their journey would involve close encounters with wildlife.

During the drive-through safari, Michaela’s startled reactions were evident when an ostrich and a bison attempted to grab a snack from inside the car.

Her genuine fear mixed with amusement was recorded on video as she leaned away from the window, offering the animals a treat while shrieking in response to their antics.


Unnerving Encounters

The captured clips also highlight Michaela’s attempts to discourage the animals from approaching and her hurried attempts to roll up the windows to create a barrier between her and the enthusiastic creatures.

Her boyfriend’s encouragement led to a humorous situation where Michaela hesitantly petted one of the bison amidst fits of manic laughter.

Unexpected Animal Enthusiasm

Reflecting on the experience, Michaela recounted, “We were going through a drive-through safari and all the animals were sticking their heads into the car.

I couldn’t put the bucket outside of the car or else they would try and steal it.”

Michaela expressed surprise at the animals’ fervent interest in the food, stating that she had not anticipated such a lively reaction.


Ostrich: The Star of the Show

Among the animals, the ostrich stood out as the most intimidating.

With its long neck reaching through the car window and aggressive pecking at the food, Michaela likened its behavior to that of a “starving dinosaur.”

This encounter left a lasting impression on her due to its alarming and assertive actions.

Humorous Aftermath

Fortunately, no harm befell either the humans or the animals during the encounter.

Michaela humorously remarked, “No one was injured and neither were the animals.


The car left with a few scratches down the side, food all over the inside, and slobber everywhere.”

The aftermath of the encounter left the car marked by scratches, food remnants, and slobber, but the experience itself remained a memorable and lighthearted one.

Continued Trend of Hilarious Reactions

This incident follows a similar trend of humorous reactions to animals in drive-through safari settings.

Just weeks prior, a 93-year-old grandmother named Rhoda Cravens experienced a mix of terror and joy as animals interacted with her during a visit to the Wilstem Ranch Safari in Indiana.

Rhoda’s granddaughter, Michelle Cunningham, captured the moment on video, showcasing Rhoda’s genuine fright and laughter as she fed animals from a bowl.


A Mix of Emotions

Rhoda’s hands trembled as the animals approached her, causing both fear and excitement to intertwine.

Despite her apprehension, her joy was evident in the wide grin on her face.

Michelle’s young son also fearlessly participated in feeding the animals, creating a heartwarming contrast between generations.

Unexpected Reactions

The encounter took an unexpected turn when a pair of docile emus pecked at the food bowl held by Michelle’s son, prompting Rhoda to retreat into the safety of the car.

An unexpected shock from an emu caused Rhoda to spill food all over herself, leading to both surprise and amusement.


Closing Thoughts

Michelle, reflecting on her grandmother’s reactions, shared, “I know she doesn’t care for animals that much but thought it would be a fun experience for her.

I had no idea she would act the way she did but I’m so glad I was able to record her reaction.”

The incident serves as a heartwarming reminder of the unpredictable and delightful interactions that can arise when humans and animals come together in unique settings like drive-through safaris.

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