EastEnders Fans Buzz with Speculation About Dean Wicks’ Comeback

EastEnders Fans Buzz with Speculation About Dean Wicks’ Comeback

EastEnders Fans Speculate on Iconic Character’s Return

Amid claims of villain Dean Wicks’ return to the show, EastEnders fans believe they’ve cracked the mystery.

Actor Matt Di Angelo, absent for seven years, is set to make a comeback to the BBC One Soap.

His last appearance dates back to 2016 when he was acquitted of the attempted rape of Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons).

The Secret Comeback

Reports indicate that scenes with the star have already been filmed, with the show’s bosses eager to keep his return hush-hush to surprise viewers.

However, some fans are speculating that Dean’s return may happen in just a few days.

A Halloween Shock

Soap boss Chris Clenshaw has confirmed that star Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) will experience a major shock on Halloween night.

Fans are now speculating that it might be her rapist, Dean, who will show up in an unexpected twist.

Shirley Carter’s Possible Return

While Dean’s return has been a hot topic among fans, some believe that he won’t be the only one making a comeback.

Fans of the soap are convinced that his mother, the soap icon Shirley Carter (Linda Henry), will also return.

Shirley, who first appeared on the show in 2006, disappeared at the start of the year when her son Mick (Danny Dyer) went missing at sea.

Actress Linda announced her temporary break from the show at the time, which fueled speculation about her eventual return.

Fans’ Theories

Many fans are convinced that Shirley will reunite with her son, Dean.

There’s even speculation that Dean’s return could be part of an agreement to bring Linda Henry back.

Fans on social media platforms have been discussing this possibility, with some saying they are excited about the potential drama and Shirley’s return.

Anticipation Grows

Fans have expressed excitement over the prospects of both Dean’s return and Shirley’s possible comeback.

Even if Dean’s return is short-lived, it promises to bring dramatic moments to the show, particularly for Kellie Bright.

This has left viewers eagerly awaiting the show’s future episodes.

Speculation Continues

The mystery and speculation surrounding Dean and Shirley’s return continue to grow.

As the show’s narrative unfolds, fans can’t help but wonder if the return of one character might lead to the return of another, making the soap’s future episodes highly anticipated.