Body Language Expert Reveals Insights into Dianne Buswell and Bobby Brazier’s Strictly Connection

Distance Between Dianne Buswell and Bobby Brazier

Reports suggest that Strictly Come Dancing star Dianne Buswell is consciously creating some “distance” between herself and her dance partner Bobby Brazier.

Despite their popularity among fans and judges during this year’s competition, body language expert Darren Stanton noticed a certain “disparity” between the two when they appeared on Strictly’s It Takes Two.

Expert Observation

Darren Stanton, representing Betfair Casino, offered insights into their dynamic, stating, “Dianne and Bobby do share a deep connection and rapport.

Previously, I’ve observed that Dianne might find Bobby somewhat overwhelming, but she has grown accustomed to him to some extent.”

Stanton pointed out moments when Bobby seemed to look at Dianne in a particular way, but the feelings weren’t reciprocated.

Additionally, he noted that Bobby placed his head on Dianne’s shoulder, which also went unreciprocated.

Maintaining Decorum

Stanton emphasized that Dianne seems to be intentionally maintaining a level of decorum and distance in their interactions, adopting a “teacher and student” mode.

He noted that while Bobby appears grateful to be in the competition, Dianne is showing her competitive side, which is likely to push him.

Dianne’s Relationship and Bobby’s Single Status

It’s worth mentioning that Dianne is in a relationship with YouTube star Joe Sugg, whom she met on Strictly in 2018.

In contrast, Bobby, who is known for his role in EastEnders, is reportedly single.

Doubts about Height Difference

Earlier, Dianne had expressed doubts about dancing alongside Bobby due to their significant height difference.

However, she later dismissed these concerns, emphasizing that they worked hard to overcome the issue.

She praised Bobby for his quick learning and said he absorbed dance instructions remarkably well.


This news piece provides insights into the dynamics between Dianne Buswell and Bobby Brazier, who are participating in Strictly Come Dancing.

A body language expert has observed subtle cues indicating a level of “distance” maintained by Dianne.

The commentary highlights the contrast in their approaches to the competition and mentions their respective relationship statuses.

It also touches on Dianne’s initial doubts about dancing with Bobby due to their height difference, which they successfully overcame.

Overall, the article sheds light on the nuances of their partnership and the evolving dynamics between them.

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