DJ Maphorisa Asserts Ownership of Masters: Clash with Prince Kaybee Unveils Creative Dispute

Recent developments in the South African music industry have brought to light a clash of ideologies between two prominent figures, DJ Maphorisa and Prince Kaybee.

The controversy revolves around the ownership of masters in music production, igniting a debate on intellectual property (IP) sharing and creative collaboration.

Ownership of Masters Unveiled:

In a noteworthy revelation, DJ Maphorisa boldly declared that he possesses the rights to all masters produced in his studio using his equipment.

This proclamation, however, was met with resistance from Prince Kaybee, sparking a heated discussion within the music community.

Prince Kaybee Challenges Maphorisa’s Stance:

Prince Kaybee, a respected name in the Amapiano genre, responded to DJ Maphorisa’s assertion, highlighting a shift in his personal beliefs over time.

He expressed a newfound conviction in the importance of collaborative efforts in creative projects, emphasizing IP sharing.

Kaybee argued that the individual who contributes to songwriting, beat production, and overall crafting should collectively own the intellectual property, challenging the notion of exclusive ownership tied to studio resources.

Twitter Exchange and TNS Saga Reference:

Addressing a Twitter user’s reference to a past controversy involving TNS, Prince Kaybee reiterated his stance on IP sharing.

He maintained that accusations against TNS lacked validation, asserting the artist’s independent ownership of his work.

This Twitter exchange further fueled the ongoing debate surrounding the principles of creative collaboration and the rightful ownership of musical creations.

DJ Maphorisa’s Mockery and Personal Jabs:

The disagreement escalated when DJ Maphorisa, during an Instagram live session, mocked Prince Kaybee, specifically targeting his public image.

Maphorisa, known for his provocative statements, labeled Kaybee as a “pornstar” and criticized him for frequently showcasing explicit content.

The mockery took a personal turn as Maphorisa suggested that Kaybee gains popularity only when revealing private aspects of his life.

Nota Baloyi and Public Reaction:

The controversy attracted attention from various quarters, with Nota Baloyi, a prominent figure in the industry, supporting DJ Maphorisa’s stance.

Public reaction has been diverse, with fans and industry insiders weighing in on the debate, reflecting the broader discourse on creative ownership and collaboration within the music community.


As the clash between DJ Maphorisa and Prince Kaybee continues to unfold, it underscores the evolving dynamics within the South African music scene.

The debate on ownership of masters and intellectual property serves as a catalyst for broader discussions on the collaborative nature of creative projects and the rights of artists in the digital age.

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