Botlhale Phora Accuses Prince Kaybee of Stealing Song ‘READY’

Botlhale Phora Accuses Prince Kaybee of Stealing Song ‘READY’

Botlhale Phora, while sitting in his car, shared a revelation that has ignited a heated debate in the music industry.

He claimed that back in 2021, he had sent a direct message (DM) to renowned South African DJ and producer, Prince Kaybee, about his new song, including some samples.

Fast forward to 2024, Phora asserted that he began to hear his song being performed by others, sparking allegations of intellectual property theft.

The Initial Contact in 2021

In 2021, Botlhale Phora reached out to Prince Kaybee via DM, showcasing his new song and including samples in the message. Phora hoped to get feedback or potentially collaborate with the well-known DJ.

This communication seemed promising at the time, but it went unanswered, leaving Phora in the dark about whether his message was even seen.

Claims of Song Theft in 2024

Three years later, in 2024, Phora noticed a disturbing trend.

His song, which he had shared with Prince Kaybee, started to surface in various performances and challenges, leading him to believe that his work had been appropriated without his consent.

This suspicion led him to publicly accuse Prince Kaybee of stealing his song.

Prince Kaybee’s Reaction

Prince Kaybee did not remain silent in the face of these allegations. He took to social media to address the claims, expressing his bafflement over the situation.

In a detailed post, Prince Kaybee explained his perspective on the matter. He stated:

“I know I said it’s the last time I speak on this in my last post, but listening to what Idols SA Botlhale Phora posted still baffles me how this can be stolen from 2017. I still maintain that I don’t know your song till now, never received an email from you, or communicated with you in any shape or form.”

Acknowledgment of Missteps

While Prince Kaybee firmly denied knowing or stealing Phora’s song, he did admit to one significant misstep.

He acknowledged that his initial response to Phora, which involved swearing, was inappropriate. He wrote:

“But what I can admit is my approach in swearing at you, I shouldn’t have.”

The Musical Similarities Explained

Prince Kaybee also offered an explanation for the musical similarities that Botlhale Phora had pointed out.

He suggested that the song in question might share the same chord progression and key as his other work due to a common production template. He elaborated:

“Yes, you might argue he thought of me when he did the song, hence it emphasizes my approach and energy in making songs maybe, but that’s still a long shot. The song in question was produced from the same template I used to do ‘Charlotte,’ that’s why it’s the same chord progression and other songs in the same key or different.”

The Industry’s Response

The music industry and fans have been closely watching this controversy unfold.

While some supporters stand by Prince Kaybee, believing in his explanation and defending his integrity, others sympathize with Botlhale Phora, understanding the frustration and emotional toll of feeling one’s creative work has been stolen.

The Importance of Intellectual Property

This incident highlights a crucial issue in the music industry: the protection of intellectual property.

With the ease of sharing and distributing music online, the potential for disputes like this one has increased.