Tiwi Remi Asserts Ownership, Declares Husband Kunle Remi ‘Off the Market’ Amid Romantic Pursuits

Tiwi Remi’s Strong Message


Tiwi Remi, the wife of popular Nigerian actor Kunle Remi, has taken to social media to issue a stern caution to Nigerian women, advising them against entertaining romantic interests in her husband.


A Playful Declaration of Ownership


In a light-hearted manner shortly after their wedding, Tiwi humorously teased Kunle Remi’s friends and admirers, emphasizing that her husband is now officially off the market, exclusively hers.


A Clear Message to Potential Admirers


Tiwi conveyed her firm stance, playfully urging God to send suitable and beautiful partners for anyone who might have romantic inclinations toward her husband.

Her playful yet firm warning left no ambiguity about Kunle Remi’s relationship status.


Full Support from Friends


Kunle Remi’s friends openly supported Tiwi’s playful yet assertive declaration, joining in on the humorous banter while reinforcing her message.


Tiwi Remi’s Stance Echoed


The video capturing this humorous exchange circulated online, showcasing Tiwi’s humorous yet clear declaration about her husband’s committed status and her playful warning to those admiring Kunle Remi.


Kunle Remi and Tiwi’s Light-Hearted Approach


The couple’s playful banter and Tiwi’s witty warning humorously conveyed her possession of Kunle Remi, exhibiting their jovial yet steadfast commitment to each other.

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