Depot Cardiff Relocates to New Venue, Enhancing Capacity and Experiences

Depot Cardiff Relocates to New Venue, Enhancing Capacity and Experiences

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

Depot, a beloved establishment in Cardiff known for hosting various events such as Bingo Lingo and sports screenings, has recently moved to a new venue.


This relocation offers a larger space, increased capacity, and exciting additions for visitors to enjoy.

A Bigger Venue with Expanded Capacity:

Having shifted from Williams Way to Curran Road, the new Depot venue boasts an impressive 30,000 square feet area, accommodating an additional 900 people.

This results in a total capacity of 2,500 attendees, catering to the growing popularity of the establishment.

Investment in New Premises:

Depot has made a substantial investment of £500,000 in its new location, emphasizing its commitment to providing an enhanced experience for its patrons.

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The significant investment reflects the determination to create a venue that surpasses previous expectations.

Innovative Street Food Concept:

One of the noteworthy features of the new venue is the inclusion of three permanent street food kitchens.


These kitchens are housed inside 20-foot shipping containers, adding a unique and trendy element to the dining experience.

Visitors can indulge in a diverse range of culinary delights while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere.

Evolution from a Pop-Up to Permanent Venue:

Depot’s move to the new premises marks its second relocation since its establishment in 2014.

Initially starting as a temporary pop-up in a now-demolished warehouse on Dumballs Road, Depot found a more permanent home in Williams Way in 2019.

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The recent move represents another step forward in its evolution.

Familiar Elements and Exciting Additions:

Despite the transition, the new venue still retains the iconic Depot long tables and benches, providing a communal setting for guests.

The stage, illuminated with purple light, remains a prominent feature, accompanied by a DJ deck ready to ignite the first party in the new space.

Enhanced Bar and Dining Options:

The bar area at the new Depot offers an extensive selection of lagers on tap, including popular brands such as Cors and Carling.


The bar itself is adorned with greenery, flowers, and hanging orange lights, creating an inviting and visually appealing setting.

Notably, one of the food traders at the venue is The Greedy Bear, renowned for its mouthwatering pan Asian-inspired burgers and baos.

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Additional Amenities:

Visitors can also enjoy a longer bar, allowing for more efficient service, adorned with eye-catching gold light-up letters that spell out “BAR.”

Moreover, the venue features a photo booth, adding an element of fun and entertainment to the overall experience.


Depot’s relocation to a larger venue signifies its commitment to delivering exceptional events and experiences to the people of Cardiff.

With expanded capacity, innovative street food options, and inviting spaces for socializing, the new Depot promises to be an exciting destination for entertainment enthusiasts in the city.


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