Tragedy Strikes as Russian Missile Attack Claims Lives in Ukrainian Mail Depot

Tragedy Strikes as Russian Missile Attack Claims Lives in Ukrainian Mail Depot

Russian Missile Strike in Ukraine: 6 Killed and 14 Injured in Kharkiv

In a tragic incident, a Russian missile strike in Ukraine has claimed the lives of at least six people and left 14 others wounded.

The attack targeted a mail depot located in the northeastern Kharkiv region, as reported by officials.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky shared a video on social media revealing the aftermath of the strike, showing a heavily damaged warehouse surrounded by debris and a container bearing the logo of the Ukrainian postal operator Nova Poshta.

Victims Were Employees of Nova Poshta

Kharkiv region governor Oleg Sinegubov provided further information, stating that all six individuals who lost their lives and the 14 injured were employees of the Nova Poshta company and were present inside the terminal at the time of the attack.

The victims, ranging in age from 19 to 42, sustained injuries from shrapnel and the force of the blast.

Out of the 14 individuals receiving medical treatment, seven were in serious condition.

Medical professionals are working diligently to save their lives.

Russian Missile Attack Details

According to the regional prosecutor’s office, Russian forces situated in the Belgorod region to the north of Kharkiv launched S-300 missiles, two of which struck the warehouse.

Debris analysis is ongoing at the site to ascertain the precise number of casualties and injuries, as reported by office spokesman Dmytro Chubenko to Suspilne, Ukraine’s state broadcaster.

Repeat of Tragedy in the Same Region

This devastating strike comes just two weeks after a similar incident in the same region.

On October 6, the village of Hroza in northeastern Ukraine was struck by a Russian missile, resulting in the tragic deaths of 59 people.

Ukraine alleges that a Russian missile targeted a cafe in the village while individuals had gathered to mourn a fallen Ukrainian soldier.

Moscow has consistently denied deliberately targeting civilians in its full-scale invasion, and it maintained this position in response to inquiries during a Kremlin briefing regarding the Hroza strike.

The toll from this particular strike is one of the highest among civilians in any single Russian attack over the course of nearly 20 months of the ongoing conflict.

Challenges in Identifying Victims

Forensic experts faced significant challenges in the aftermath of the Hroza strike, working around the clock for six days to identify the victims.

Mobile DNA laboratories were required to identify 19 individuals, and one victim, a 60-year-old man, was identified only after collecting 20 different body parts, according to officials.

Ukraine’s SBU security service has accused two villagers who had allegedly fled to Russia of assisting in guiding the missile strike.