Mass Shooting Rocks Affluent Cape Town Suburb: Four Individuals of Bulgarian Descent Fatally Shot

Mass Shooting Rocks Affluent Cape Town Suburb: Four Individuals of Bulgarian Descent Fatally Shot

…By Roland Peterson for TDPel Media. In a tragic incident, the South African police announced on Thursday that four individuals, believed to be of “Bulgarian descent,” were found dead in Constantia, a suburb of Cape Town.


The victims have not been officially identified; however, sources in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, suggest that one of the deceased is likely to be Krasimir Kamenov, a prominent figure involved in Bulgarian organized crime.

The bodies, consisting of two women and two men aged between 40 and 60, were discovered in the morning, each bearing gunshot wounds.

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Constantia, an affluent neighborhood in Cape Town, became the unsettling crime scene.

The police promptly released a statement disclosing these distressing findings.

Law enforcement authorities are currently investigating the incident, with the motive behind the multiple murders yet to be determined.

As part of their efforts, an official investigation has been initiated to shed light on the circumstances surrounding this appalling act of violence.


According to an Interpol red notice, Krasimir Kamenov, aged 55, has been a subject of interest due to his involvement in various criminal activities, including murder and extortion.

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The international arrest warrant underscores the severity of the charges he faces.

As the investigation progresses, the police remain dedicated to gathering crucial evidence and understanding the factors that led to this devastating incident.

The Constantia mass murder has gripped the attention of the local community, and further updates are anticipated as the authorities continue to work diligently on the case.


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