I Kissed a Boy, The UK’s First Gay Dating Show

I Kissed a Boy, The UK’s First Gay Dating Show

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

Dating shows have long been a beloved format for the British public, but remarkably, a gay dating show is making its debut in the UK.


The highly anticipated reality TV series, I Kissed a Boy, is set to premiere on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer, offering a unique premise that eliminates small talk and swiping.

With Dannii Minogue as the show’s host, who is herself a gay icon, the series aims to break new ground in representing the LGBTQ+ community in mainstream television.

Analysis and Commentary:

The introduction of I Kissed a Boy marks a significant moment in British television, as it becomes the country’s first gay dating show.

The choice of Dannii Minogue as the host adds credibility and excitement, given her status as a pop star and her connection to the LGBTQ+ community.

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Minogue’s surprise at the groundbreaking nature of the show reflects the need for more representation and diversity in the media, even in 2023.

The show’s format promises a unique twist on traditional dating shows.


Contestants will engage in matchmaking under Minogue’s supervision, and their first meeting will involve a kiss instead of the typical small talk.

The rule of not being able to speak until after the kiss adds an intriguing element to the show, emphasizing the power of physical connection in forming relationships.

Layton Williams, the narrator, highlights the unconventional nature of the show, acknowledging that the path to love is not always straightforward.

The setting of an Italian country house adds a romantic backdrop to the series, where the contestants will have the opportunity to get to know each other and put their budding relationships to the test.

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The presence of multiple attractive options creates a dynamic similar to the challenges faced in the real gay dating scene.

Kiss-Offs, which test chemistry, will introduce temptation and provide participants with choices: stay in their current partnership or explore a connection with someone else.

By mirroring the trials and tribulations of the gay dating scene, the show aims to reflect the complexities and realities of finding love within the LGBTQ+ community.

The comments from contestants Gareth and Subomi shed light on the importance and significance of a show like I Kissed a Boy.


Gareth acknowledges the prevalent heteronormative view that has hindered the creation of such shows in the past.

Subomi emphasizes that the discomfort and prejudice faced by the LGBTQ+ community should not be a burden they have to bear.

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They also highlight the ongoing efforts of trans and queer individuals who have fought for visibility and resisted societal pressure to remain invisible.


The debut of I Kissed a Boy as the first gay dating show in the UK signifies a step forward in LGBTQ+ representation on mainstream television.

With Dannii Minogue at the helm, the series offers a fresh and engaging twist on traditional dating shows.

By eliminating small talk and emphasizing the power of a kiss, the show challenges conventional norms and presents a more realistic portrayal of the gay dating scene.

The series launch on BBC iPlayer and BBC Three provides a platform for broader acceptance and understanding of diverse relationships.

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