Daring Dad Orders Record-Breaking 27-Rasher Bacon Sub at Subway, Claims ‘Breakfast of the Gods’

Daring Dad Orders Record-Breaking 27-Rasher Bacon Sub at Subway, Claims ‘Breakfast of the Gods’

...By Larry John for TDPel Media.

The Unusual Order

A dad visiting the Hardwick branch of Subway in County Durham claims he ordered the “biggest bacon sub” ever served by the staff.


Food blogger Craig Harker, seeking a hearty breakfast, requested an enormous foot-long sandwich with 27 rashers of bacon, along with hash browns, cheese, crispy onions, and ketchup.

He finished off his 1,600-calorie meal with a cherry Pepsi Max.

The Breakfast of the Gods

Craig, a dad-of-three from Hardwick, County Durham, recorded his order on Facebook, showing him spending £12.19 on the gigantic sandwich.

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He devoured it in less than five minutes, praising it as the “breakfast of the gods” and expressing his desire to have it again.

The Unprecedented Sandwich

Craig described his extraordinary sandwich, which consisted of a foot-long Hearty Italian sub, topped with 24 rashers of streaky bacon, six hash browns, three rashers of back bacon, eight slices of American cheese, crispy onions, and a cherry Pepsi Max.

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The entire meal amounted to 1,600 calories.


Unexpected Breakfast Choice

Craig, known for his food blog Dad Loves Food and as the owner of The George Pub and Grill, stumbled upon the Subway breakfast range while passing by the restaurant.

He usually opts for meatball subs but decided to try the bacon bun after seeing it advertised in the window.

Making It Interesting

Upon ordering the foot-long sandwich, Craig saw an opportunity to make his meal more exciting.

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He asked the server how much bacon he could add, initially amusing her with his request for so many slices.

Craig found the size of the sandwich manageable and finished it in under five minutes.

He even suggested that those on a budget could have it cut into three portions to serve as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


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