Corgis Lily and Prince Retire from The Crown After Stellar Five-Series Run

Corgis Lily and Prince Retire from The Crown After Stellar Five-Series Run

End of an Era: The Crown’s Beloved Corgis Lily and Prince Retire

As the curtains close on the sixth series of The Crown, two canine stars, Lily and Prince, who have graced the show for five series, are bidding farewell to their royal duties.

Claire Foy referred to them as the true stars of the show, and Imelda Staunton was so captivated by them that she insisted on a meet and greet before taking on the role of Queen Elizabeth.

The Pembroke corgis have portrayed all of the Queen’s beloved dogs from 1956 to 2005, outlasting most of the human cast.

Behind the Scenes: Corgi Winnebago and On-Set Shenanigans

Similar to the human principals, Lily and Prince had their own Winnebago on set, complete with dressing room riders (cheese treats and a comfy bed).

Their on-set routine included a hair and makeup session, where their paw tips were washed.

Notably, they’ve been known to playfully abscond with royal props, like sofa cushions.

When captured on camera gazing at the monarch, it’s often because their owner, Gerry Cott, is standing off-camera, waving their favorite ball.

Impact Beyond the Screen: A Surge in Corgi Interest

After the second series aired in 2017, featuring Lily and Prince, interest in corgis surged by 22 percent.

Owners Gerry and Cathy, with a background in training animals for Hollywood and British TV, brought their family pets into the spotlight.

Lily, named after Queen Elizabeth’s nickname Lilibet, and Prince, distantly related and now seven years old, became breakout stars.

Training and Family Roots: Corgi Beginnings

Gerry and Cathy, both 71, have been training animals for Hollywood and British TV for 40 years.

Lily and Prince, born six months apart, were family pets.

Prince joined as a companion for their older West Highland terrier, Raz, while Lily followed six months later.

The couple’s big break in The Crown came when the makers approached them, and the dogs were trained amid the bustling environment of a shopping mall.

Symbolizing the Queen’s Private Life: The Corgis’ Role

The corgis were intended to symbolize the Queen’s private moments.

Gerry recalls scenes where the monarch, played by Imelda Staunton, shares melancholic moments with a corgi by her side.

Notably, one scene depicting the mourning of the loss of the Royal Yacht Britannia stands out for its natural and poignant portrayal.

Life After The Crown: Retirement and New Beginnings

Since filming concluded, Prince has returned to live with the Cotts, while Lily has embarked on a second career in dog agility with a family friend who is also a dog handler.

Gerry emphasizes that the corgis aren’t yearning for royal life, stating, “They’re not wannabes; they’re just happy, healthy dogs enjoying corgi-land.”

Conclusion: A Heartfelt Farewell to The Crown’s Four-Legged Stars

In conclusion, as The Crown’s final series wraps up, the departure of Lily and Prince marks the end of an era for these beloved corgis.

Their impact on and off-screen, their playful antics, and the genuine affection they brought to their roles have left an indelible mark on the show and its viewers.

As they embark on their post-Crown journeys, the legacy of these four-legged stars is sure to linger in the hearts of fans.

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