The Way: A Stellar Lineup of Talent Unveiled for Michael Sheen’s Compelling BBC Series

The Way: A Stellar Lineup of Talent Unveiled for Michael Sheen’s Compelling BBC Series

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. The Way: Michael Sheen’s New BBC Drama Unveils Star-Studded Cast


The Way: An Extraordinary Story Unfolds

In an exciting announcement, the cast list for Michael Sheen’s upcoming BBC drama, The Way, has been revealed.

This three-part series, set in Port Talbot, Wales, delves into the lives of an ordinary family caught up in a series of extraordinary events that reverberate throughout their hometown.

Written by James Graham, directed by Michael Sheen, and co-created by Sheen, Graham, and Adam Curtis, The Way promises to be a bold and emotionally charged drama that explores the complexities of making impossible choices.

A Captivating Premise

The Way takes viewers on a journey through the social and political chaos of today’s world, presenting a fictional civil uprising that originates in a small industrial town.


Faced with escalating unrest, the Driscoll family finds themselves compelled to flee their beloved homeland, leaving behind the familiar certainties of their old lives.

As they confront the challenges of an unknown future, they must also confront their haunting memories of the past.

The series delves into the tension between holding onto the past and embracing an uncertain future.

A Stellar Cast of Welsh Talent

The cast of The Way boasts an impressive lineup of Welsh talent, with acclaimed actors from renowned productions such as Steeltown Murders, Gavin & Stacey, Keeping Faith, and The Pembrokeshire Murders taking on leading roles.

Steffan Rhodri, Mali Harries, Sophie Melville, and Callum Scott Howells lead the ensemble, accompanied by the presence of the exceptional Luke Evans.

Michael Sheen’s Appreciation for the Cast

Director, co-creator, and executive producer Michael Sheen expresses his gratitude for the opportunity to work alongside such remarkable actors.


Sheen acknowledges the abundance of talent in Wales and considers himself fortunate to collaborate with the best actors in the industry, highlighting their collective ability to bring this extraordinary story to life.

Welsh Screen Industry Flourishes

Gerwyn Evans, Deputy Director of Creative Wales, shares his enthusiasm for the Welsh screen industry, which is experiencing an exciting year with a compelling lineup of drama productions.

He views the announcement of The Way’s exceptional cast as a testament to the successful partnership between Creative Wales and the BBC.

Evans emphasizes the significance of Welsh Government support in fostering opportunities for quality content creation and the showcasing of Welsh talent to tell uniquely Welsh stories.

A Multifaceted Cast

The talented ensemble cast of The Way includes Steffan Rhodri, Mali Harries, Sophie Melville, Callum Scott Howells, and Michael Sheen, portraying the members of the Driscoll family.

Additionally, Maja Laskowska joins the cast as a young woman intertwined with the family’s escape.


Luke Evans captivates as Hogwood, a determined mercenary pursuing the Driscolls, while Tom Cullen, Danny Sapani, Mark Lewis Jones, Paul Rhys, Erin Richards, Aneurin Barnard, Catherine Ayers, Jonathan Nefydd, Matthew Aubrey, and Andria Doherty deliver compelling performances in key roles across the series.

Making his screen debut, child actor Teilo James Le Masurier portrays Rhys, the Driscolls’ four-year-old grandson.

The Way: Anticipation Builds

As production commences for The Way, the excitement surrounding this captivating drama continues to grow.

With its talented cast, engaging storyline, and the creative vision of Michael Sheen, James Graham, and Adam Curtis, The Way promises to be a must-watch series that captivates audiences with its powerful storytelling and thought-provoking themes.


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