Princess Eugenie Opens Up on Queen’s Corgis and Family Traditions in Revealing Podcast

Princess Eugenie Opens Up on Queen’s Corgis and Family Traditions in Revealing Podcast

A Peek into Princess Eugenie’s World

In a recent episode of the Table Manners podcast hosted by Jessie Ware and Lennie, Princess Eugenie opens up about the Queen’s corgis, her plans for her children, and the intricacies of dining with her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen’s Corgis: “Barky and Big, but Really Sweet”

Princess Eugenie shares delightful details about Queen Elizabeth II’s beloved corgis, describing them as ‘barky and big’ yet remarkably sweet.

Eugenie provides a glimpse into the affection her family holds for these canine companions and the unique tradition passed down from her great-grandmother.

Family Traditions: The Legacy of Corgi Love

As the conversation unfolds, Eugenie delves into the roots of her family’s affection for corgis, tracing it back to her great-grandmother.

She reflects on the role her late grandmother played in continuing this tradition, adopting corgis Muick and Sandy after Queen Elizabeth II’s passing.

Boarding School Plans: Eugenie’s Parenting Choices

Princess Eugenie shares her thoughts on sending her sons, August and Ernest, to boarding school. Differing from her husband’s early boarding experience, Eugenie expresses a desire for her children to wait until the age of 13, emphasizing the importance of cherishing their early years.

Dinner Etiquette: Navigating Table Manners in the Royal Family

The podcast explores the nuances of dining etiquette in the Royal Family, with Princess Eugenie revealing two sets of table manners – one for dining with the Queen and another for home.

She amusingly recalls the strict rule of ‘no knees at the table’ and the consequences of violating this rule.

Summer Memories in Scotland: A Royal’s Favorite Place

Eugenie fondly reminisces about her summers in Scotland, describing it as her ‘favorite place on the planet.’ From picnics in bothies to exploring the Cairngorms, she paints a vivid picture of normalcy in a royal’s summer retreat.

Modernizing the Monarchy: Eugenie’s Perspective

As the podcast concludes, Princess Eugenie responds to a probing question about modernizing the monarchy.

She emphasizes that it’s less about modernization and more about aligning with the beliefs of the current monarch, citing King Charles and Prince William as examples of seamlessly integrating tradition with contemporary values.

Conclusion: A Royal Conversation Unveiled

Princess Eugenie’s candid revelations on the Table Manners podcast offer a rare glimpse into the personal and familial aspects of royal life.

From the Queen’s corgis to parenting choices, Eugenie’s openness provides a fresh perspective on the intersection of tradition and the modern royal family.**

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