Controversy Surrounding Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere: Denial of Eviction Claims

Controversy Surrounding Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere: Denial of Eviction Claims

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere Denies Evicting Deborah Samuel’s Family from Gifted Estate


The General Overseer of Omega Power Ministries (OPM), Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere, has refuted claims that he ordered Deborah Samuel’s family to vacate the estate he recently bestowed upon them.

The allegations surfaced in a viral report by the Foundation for Investigative Journalism (FIJ), stating that the family was asked to either pay rent or leave the house.

According to FIJ, Apostle Chibuzor purportedly instructed the family to relocate from their current residence to a mini church estate.


Deborah’s father, Emmanuel, also disclosed that he received a used vehicle from the clergyman, which he used for taxi services until it developed mechanical problems and became inoperable.

During a press conference on June 26th, Apostle Chibuzor, based in Port-Harcourt, vehemently denied the allegations, labeling them as false and baseless.

He emphasized that he had provided the family with a 14-flat mini-estate, making them the landlords who could collect rent from tenants.

Additionally, he claimed to have opened a shop for them, stocked with goods to facilitate the establishment of their business.

The pastor stated that he had not contacted the family regarding rent payments since he had already settled them in the mini-estate.


He expressed his confusion about the accusations, stating that the family is collecting rent from tenants in the estate, indicating that they are financially stable.

He further questioned the need for him to be involved in the details of their tenant payments and business operations, reiterating that he had fulfilled his responsibilities by providing them with the necessary means for sustenance.


The dispute between Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere and Deborah Samuel’s family highlights the contrasting narratives surrounding the alleged eviction from the gifted estate.

While the Foundation for Investigative Journalism (FIJ) report claimed that the family faced eviction if they did not pay rent, the pastor vehemently denies these allegations, asserting that he had settled them in a mini-estate and provided support for their business endeavors.


This situation raises questions about the reliability of information and the need for verification in reporting.

It is important for all parties involved to seek a fair and accurate resolution to the matter, ensuring transparency and open communication.

The conflicting accounts emphasize the need for thorough investigation and unbiased reporting to establish the truth.

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