Concerns About Disrespect Towards Women in Online Content, Voiced by Nigerian Comedian Ayo Ajewole (Woliagba)

Nigerian comedian and actor Ayo Ajewole, who is widely recognized as Woliagba, has expressed his strong criticism of his fellow colleagues within the entertainment industry for their role in promoting an increase in disrespect towards women in online spaces.


This issue comes amidst a growing trend of morally questionable and sexually suggestive videos being produced by content creators on social media platforms.

A Disturbing Trend in Online Content:

The virtual realm has recently witnessed a surge in the dissemination of videos that often objectify and demean women.

A visibly discontent Woliagba pointed out that such content not only belittles women but also fails to attribute any value to their worth.

The comedian-turned-actor highlighted that the Nigerian populace is rooted in cultural and traditional values, implying that there exist alternative means of conveying educational messages without resorting to themes that exploit sensitive aspects.


The Impact on Audiences:

Woliagba’s concern stems from the unsettling observations he has made regarding the negative influence these videos wield over viewers, particularly the younger generation.

He shared instances where he had to swiftly switch his son’s attention away from inappropriate content, opting for teachings from the Bible instead.

In his opinion, this contemporary generation appears preoccupied with fleeting gratification, sidelining the development of meaningful skills and character.

Championing Culture and Tradition:

Woliagba passionately extolled the significance of the Nigerian heritage, a repository of rich culture and tradition.

He questioned the newfound audacity among content creators to exploit women’s bodies for shock value under the guise of creativity.


The comedian advocated for preserving the sanctity of cultural norms while conveying messages effectively.

He urged creators to exercise discretion and refrain from venturing into explicit territories, emphasizing the viability of addressing important subjects without resorting to sensationalism.

The Ethics of Content Creation:

A thought-provoking query emerges from Woliagba’s commentary: what message is being conveyed by prioritizing the immoral and provocative in content creation? He questioned the intentions of such content and the target audience it aims to cater to.

Woliagba’s criticism extended to the perceived lack of substance in humor that stems from such videos.

He challenged the very definition of comedy and expressed his disbelief in categorizing such content as funny.


A Call for Meaningful Recognition:

Concluding his remarks, Woliagba urged content creators to seek acclaim for endeavors that resonate with substantial values and principles.

He advocated for recognition that transcends mere popularity and rests on contributions that contribute positively to society.

This appeal serves as a reminder to creators that their influence extends beyond entertainment, holding the power to shape perspectives and attitudes in profound ways.


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