Ayo Makun Addresses Seun Kuti’s Allegations: Denies Insulting Daughter and Wife

Comedian Ayo Makun’s Response to Seun Kuti’s Mockery

Nigerian comedian Ayo Makun, popularly known as AY, recently addressed artist Seun Kuti’s mockery of him and his situation, offering a robust response to the allegations and ridicule.

Background: AY’s Temporary Relocation Due to Fire

AY and his family had to temporarily relocate to the United States after losing their Lagos house to a fire, an incident that garnered significant attention.

Seun Kuti chose to make light of AY’s hardships by pointing out that AY had referred to his daughter as a dog in one of his comedy sketches and had even joked about his own difficulties.

Seun Kuti’s Claims and Accusations

Seun Kuti went a step further by asserting that AY had always had his back, particularly after Seun Kuti lost his house.

However, he alleged that AY would frequently make jokes mocking his own daughter. In a surprising turn, Seun Kuti also made serious allegations against AY, claiming that everyone in the entertainment industry knows that AY is involved in domestic violence, specifically accusing him of hitting his wife, and suggesting that he has a bad breath condition.

AY’s Response and Defense

Ayo Makun, in his response, began by emphasizing his intention to remain neutral and refrain from constant criticism.

However, after hearing Seun Kuti’s accusations, particularly the claim that he had insulted Seun Kuti’s daughter and engaged in domestic violence, he felt compelled to address the allegations.

In a video shared on his social media, AY asked Seun Kuti to identify the exact moment when he called his daughter a dog.

He staunchly defended his stance that children are entirely off-limits, emphasizing their significance as the next generation who carry their names. He also recognized the crucial role that mothers play as wives and valued helpmates for men.

AY’s response aimed to set the record straight and challenge the accusations, while maintaining his respect for children and the importance of family bonds.

A Plea for Clarity

In conclusion, Ayo Makun called for a closer examination of the ingredients that contributed to the ongoing controversy and urged a more thorough understanding of the situation. He made it clear that he had not insulted Seun Kuti’s daughter and

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