Charly Boy and Wole Soyinka Defend Davido’s Controversial Music Video

Charly Boy and Wole Soyinka Defend Davido’s Controversial Music Video

…By for TDPel Media. Veteran singer Charles Oputa, widely known as Charly Boy or Area Fada, expressed his displeasure towards Northern youths who burned posters featuring Davido’s photos.


The incident occurred following the promotion of Logos Olori’s music video by Davido on his social media pages.

The video, titled “Jayelo,” sparked controversy as some individuals accused Davido of disrespecting Islamic beliefs and practices.

In the video, scenes shot in a Mosque-like setting portrayed men in white Jalabiya, initially praying and then switching to dancing, while Davido imitated the Muslim style of praying.


This portrayal was deemed offensive by many faithful Muslims, who saw it as a disrespectful representation of their sacred practice.

Criticism and Outrage Over the Controversial Music Video

Muslims who found the music video offensive took to social media to voice their concerns, calling for Davido to take it down and apologize.

The video’s depiction of prayer mats being used for dancing and recitation of Quranic verses was particularly concerning for its potential to be seen as mocking or disrespectful.

Some Northern individuals reacted strongly to the controversy, taking to the streets to burn posters featuring Davido’s picture.

Charly Boy’s Reaction and Defense of Davido

Charly Boy openly criticized the Northern youths’ actions, considering their behavior as childish.


He questioned whether Davido was responsible for the poverty in the North and advised those genuinely offended by the video to seek legal recourse instead of resorting to violent demonstrations.

Charly Boy’s stance highlights the importance of addressing grievances through lawful means rather than engaging in destructive acts.

Wole Soyinka Supports Davido and Disapproves of Apology

Nobel Laureate Professor Wole Soyinka defended Davido against the massive backlash, advising him not to apologize to the Muslim community.

Soyinka pointed out instances where prominent figures, like former Governor Nasir El Rufai, made derogatory comments against Christians without facing demands for an apology.

He also drew comparisons to scenes from movies and incidents of violence that were not linked to Davido’s music.


Soyinka’s defense highlights the need for a balanced perspective and the ability to distinguish between artists and the actions of their followers.


The controversy surrounding Davido’s music video has sparked diverse reactions from different sections of society.

While some people found it offensive and resorted to burning posters as a form of protest, others like Charly Boy and Wole Soyinka emphasized the importance of addressing issues through legal channels and not expecting artists to be held accountable for the actions of their followers.

The incident serves as a reminder of the complexities of cultural sensitivities and the need for open dialogue and mutual respect in resolving disagreements.


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