Nollywood Actor Alesh Sanni Issues Ultimatum to Scammer Posing as His Friend: ‘Reimburse Victims or Face Consequences

Unveiling the Scammer

Nollywood actor and internet personality, Alesh Sanni, recently exposed a woman posing as his friend and engaging in fraudulent activities.

The actor went a step further by placing a bid of N500k on the lady, showcasing her photos on Instagram for all to see.

The Scammer’s Deceptive Tactics

The woman, identified as Funmi Yetunde, had allegedly been scamming numerous individuals, promising them a journey to the UK.

Alesh Sanni revealed that she presented herself as his friend and even used his photos as her display picture (DP) in her schemes.

A Call for Restitution

Expressing his frustration and disappointment, Alesh Sanni claimed to have contacted Funmi Yetunde, urging her to reimburse her victims.

However, the woman reportedly refused to comply with the actor’s request, prompting him to take the matter public.

Open Threats on Instagram

In an Instagram post, Alesh Sanni openly threatened Funmi Yetunde, lamenting the ongoing trend of scamming despite the economic hardships in the country.

He emphasized that he had waited long enough for her to rectify the situation and advised her not to test his patience any further.

A Plea for Ethical Behavior

Amidst the harsh realities faced by many in the country, Alesh Sanni pleaded for ethical behavior and accountability.

He questioned the need for individuals to continue scamming one another, highlighting the detrimental impact on victims who fall prey to such schemes.

Ultimatum for Compliance

The actor issued a clear ultimatum to Funmi Yetunde, urging her to do the right thing and reimburse the victims of her scams.

He emphasized the consequences she would face if she failed to comply, signaling a determination to seek justice for those affected.

Conclusion: A Stand Against Fraud

Alesh Sanni’s public exposure of the scammer reflects a growing intolerance for fraudulent activities, especially when individuals misuse the trust and identity of public figures for deceptive purposes.

The call for justice echoes the broader societal demand for accountability and ethical behavior.

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