Campervan Owners Stir Controversy in Gwynedd as Residents Raise Concerns over Waste Disposal

Campervan Owners Stir Controversy in Gwynedd as Residents Raise Concerns over Waste Disposal

...By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media.

Residents in Gwynedd have become increasingly frustrated with some campervan owners who park for extended periods on a coastal road near a renowned attraction.


Tensions heightened recently when an individual reportedly witnessed the dumping of waste onto the road from one of the campervans.

Concerns over Waste Disposal:

A local resident captured photographs of what was described as “horrible grey waste” pooling beneath a campervan parked on Aber Foreshore Road in Caernarfon.

The vehicle had remained in the same spot for two weeks, attracting further criticism from residents.

The location, Y Foryd, provides scenic views of Caernarfon Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Long-term Parking Habits:

According to a resident, campervans are frequently observed parked in the area for extended periods.

The situation has raised questions about the disposal of waste from these vehicles, with worries about potential dumping into the sea near a nearby beach frequented by children.


Some locals express frustration and describe these campervan owners as inconsiderate of others’ concerns.

Shift in Parking Location:

In the past, campervan owners would often park in an adjacent park and sporting complex.

However, overnight stays were prohibited at the park last year, prompting some campervans to relocate to Aber Foreshore Road instead.

While this does not cause traffic issues, it inconveniences local residents who rely on the area for parking when visiting nearby establishments.

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Council’s Measures to Address the Issue:

Cyngor Gwynedd Council is taking action to tackle campervan-related problems.

Specific orders are being introduced to prevent overnight motorhome parking in problematic areas, including Y Foryd in Caernarfon.

Additionally, the council is establishing trial overnight motorhome sites with designated bays offering necessary facilities and limiting stays to 48 hours.

The hope is that these measures will alleviate the ongoing issues faced by residents.


Council’s Statement:

Cyngor Gwynedd confirmed that while daytime parking for campervans and motorhomes is allowed on the Foryd, overnight stays are prohibited.

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They expressed their intention to manage the situation more effectively and acknowledged the concerns raised by residents.


The presence of campervans on Aber Foreshore Road in Gwynedd has caused discontent among residents, particularly due to long-term parking and potential waste disposal issues.

Cyngor Gwynedd Council is implementing measures to address the problem, including creating designated overnight motorhome sites.

The hope is that these actions will mitigate the challenges faced by local residents and improve the overall management of campervans in the area.


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