Police said they would do it again after breaking a campervan window to “rescue” a Golden Labrador that had been inside “for a few hours,” and they are not going to pay the owner of the vehicle for their actions.


Police officers who broke a campervan window to rescue a Golden Labrador that was locked inside, and reportedly believed to be trapped for several days, are not offering compensation to the owner for the window damage. The incident took place in a Greater Manchester car park on a Sunday afternoon around 1:15pm. Concerns were raised about the dog’s well-being, prompting officers to take action. They shattered the window of the campervan to free the dog, which has since been returned to its owner.

Despite reports suggesting that the dog had been inside the van for only a few hours, the police were unable to confirm this initially. However, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) have stated that their actions were appropriate given the situation and that they would take similar measures again if faced with similar circumstances. The owner of the campervan has not requested compensation and has expressed agreement with the police’s actions.

The incident occurred when there were no open windows in the van, and there were no signs of individuals around the vehicle since it was abandoned. With temperatures reaching up to 23°C (73.4°F) in parts of Manchester that day, the authorities emphasized the potential dangers of leaving a dog unattended in a vehicle, even for a short period. The Chief Inspector of Neighbourhoods in CoM Central, Chris Boyd, stressed the importance of not leaving dogs alone in vehicles, as dogs do not handle heat as effectively as humans. He urged pet owners to avoid the risk and leave their dogs at home if they plan to be away from their vehicle.

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