Study Reveals Higher Risk of Car Accidents Among Men, Particularly Younger Age Group

…By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media. According to a recent study conducted by Neufeld Lawfirm, men are more likely to be involved in car accidents compared to women.


The study analyzed data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System, examining various demographics to determine the groups most prone to car crashes in the United States in 2021.

Young Males Show Higher Accident Rates:

The study revealed that males between the ages of 21 and 25 are statistically more prone to getting into car accidents.

Among this age group, white males had the highest number of car crashes, with 3,036 accidents in 2021.

The second and third positions were held by the age groups of 26-30 and 31-35, with 2,958 and 2,821 accidents, respectively.

Gender Disparity in Crash Rates:

The study highlighted a significant difference in car accident rates based on gender.

Regardless of age and race, male drivers were found to have a higher likelihood of crashing their cars compared to female drivers.


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In 2021, there were 21,329 fatal crashes involving male drivers, whereas accidents involving female drivers amounted to 6,049.

Examining Height and Weight:

The study also analyzed the average height and weight of drivers at the time of the collision, further narrowing down the demographic field.

The average height for men involved in accidents was 5’10”, while for women, it was 5’4”.

The average weight for men was 196 lbs, while for women, it was 162 lbs.

Overview of Demographics:

In summary, the demographic most susceptible to fatal car crashes were white males between the ages of 21 and 25, with an average height and weight of 5’10” and 196 lbs, respectively.

The study’s data provides a comprehensive understanding of the groups most likely to be involved in car accidents.

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Comparison to UK Road Statistics:

The study’s findings shed light on the situation in the United States.

However, it’s important to note that road safety statistics in the UK also saw a decrease in reported road deaths in 2021 compared to pre-pandemic levels.


The data indicates variations in accident rates between countries.

Importance of Empathy and Education:

A spokesperson from Neufeld Law firm emphasized the need for empathy and understanding when discussing these findings.

Rather than assigning blame, it is crucial to recognize the unique challenges faced by young drivers, particularly those aged 21 to 25.

Comprehensive driver education, mentorship programs, and increased parental involvement are suggested as ways to equip young drivers with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the roads safely.

Promoting Safe Driving Habits:

The spokesperson further highlighted the importance of open communication, responsible decision-making, and the promotion of safe driving habits.

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By focusing on these aspects, all young drivers can benefit, contributing to a safer driving environment for everyone.


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