British Adventure Firm Aspire Adventures Under Investigation After Scamming Mount Kilimanjaro Tourists

British Adventure Firm Aspire Adventures Under Investigation After Scamming Mount Kilimanjaro Tourists

A British adventure company, Aspire Adventures, is facing allegations of fraud as 30 British trekkers, embarked on a charitable journey to Mount Kilimanjaro, were left stranded in Tanzania due to unpaid trip expenses.

The group, having collectively invested £100,000 for the expedition, discovered upon arrival that the arrangements, including their expected hotel accommodations, had not been settled, citing ‘cash flow problems.’

The incident has triggered an investigation by North Wales Police into Aspire Adventures and its founder, Jason Rawles, 49.

Background of Aspire Adventures:

Founded by Jason Rawles in 2013 in Eryri, also known as Snowdonia, North Wales, Aspire Adventures specializes in organizing local mountain trips and global treks.

With a reputable history, the company was approached by Hope4, an organization supporting refugees in Ukraine, Moldova, and Romania, to facilitate a fundraising trek up Mount Kilimanjaro.

The Charitable Endeavor and Financial Investments:

The group of trekkers, motivated by the goal of raising funds for Hope4, committed approximately £100,000 to Aspire Adventures for the Kilimanjaro expedition.

Despite their noble intentions, the journey took an unexpected turn as financial difficulties within the adventure firm disrupted the meticulously planned trip.

Unfulfilled Promises and Email Communication:

Upon arriving in Africa, the trekkers received a disheartening email from Jason Rawles, notifying them that he could not make the necessary payments for the Kilimanjaro trip due to unforeseen cash flow challenges.

In the email, Rawles outlined a series of uncontrollable events, emphasizing his exhaustive efforts to salvage the situation.

He expressed regret, citing personal financial constraints exacerbated by the impact of COVID-19 and business setbacks.

Company’s Financial Crisis and Liquidation Announcement:

As the situation unfolded, Rawles declared that Aspire Adventures, along with himself, would undergo an immediate “health break,” seeking support from professional care teams.

The company officially announced its decision to go into liquidation, leaving the charitable trekkers in a state of dismay.

Police Investigation and Call for Information:

North Wales Police has launched an investigation into the potential fraudulent trading practices of Aspire Adventures.

A spokesperson for the police urged individuals with relevant information to come forward and assist in the ongoing inquiry.

The nature of the investigation revolves around the circumstances leading to the company’s inability to fulfill its financial commitments.


The Mount Kilimanjaro trek organized by Aspire Adventures has turned into a debacle, prompting legal scrutiny and raising questions about the financial management of the adventure company.

The trekkers, originally driven by a charitable cause, now find themselves at the center of an investigation, highlighting the potential risks associated with entrusting funds to adventure firms without thorough due diligence.

The case emphasizes the importance of transparency and financial stability in the adventure tourism industry, urging authorities to address potential wrongdoing and protect the interests of clients involved in such ventures.