Nollywood Actresses Laide Bakare and Chizzy Alichi Escalate Feud, Vow to Settle Differences in a Physical Showdown

Nollywood Actresses Laide Bakare and Chizzy Alichi Escalate Feud, Vow to Settle Differences in a Physical Showdown

In the latest episode of the ongoing feud between Nollywood actresses Laide Bakare and Chizzy Alichi, tensions have escalated, with Laide Bakare taking to social media to announce her intention to settle the dispute through physical means.

The drama unfolds as the actresses engage in a war of words, leaving fans and followers puzzled about the authenticity of their conflict.

Laide Bakare’s Bold Declaration:

Laide Bakare, a prominent Yoruba actress, has upped the ante by sharing a video of her intense training session, declaring her intention to beat Chizzy Alichi ‘blue-black.’

In a strongly-worded caption, she asserts that she won’t engage in online arguments with Chizzy but will instead resort to settling their differences through physical confrontation.

Chizzy Alichi Responds Nonchalantly:

Unfazed by Laide Bakare’s threat, Chizzy Alichi responds casually in the comments, claiming to be in the market purchasing boxing gloves, implying a readiness for the impending physical showdown.

The exchange between the actresses leaves many wondering whether this is a genuine conflict or a publicity stunt for an upcoming project.

Public Skepticism and Speculation:

As fans express their skepticism in the comment section, questioning the authenticity of the feud, speculations arise about whether the actresses are orchestrating a publicity stunt for an upcoming movie.

Some comments suggest that the drama seems staged, with one user pointing out, “Na cruise Jo,” while another implies that they are using the conflict for movie promotion.

Previous Online Drama:

This recent physical confrontation threat comes after a series of online clashes between Laide Bakare and Chizzy Alichi.

Laide previously accused Chizzy of intimidation during a rehearsal and described a negative encounter when she approached Chizzy for something.

The online drama sparked a back-and-forth exchange, with each actress hurling accusations and insults at the other.

Fan Reactions and Criticism:

Fans in the comment section express confusion and disappointment, suggesting that the actresses might be using the feud as a publicity stunt.

Some criticize them for playing with their fans’ emotions and question whether there is an actual movie in the works. The general sentiment implies that the public is not entirely buying into the authenticity of the conflict.


The ongoing feud between Laide Bakare and Chizzy Alichi takes an unexpected turn with Laide’s bold declaration of a physical showdown.

While fans remain divided on whether this is a genuine conflict or a promotional strategy, the actresses continue to capture attention, leaving the Nollywood community and their followers eagerly awaiting the next twist in this unfolding drama.

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