Big Brother Naija Reunion: Tega says about her ex-husband did not stick to their plan

Big Brother Naija Reunion: Tega says about her ex-husband did not stick to their plan

Tega Dominic, an ex-Shine Ya Eye star and Big Brother Naija season 6 ex-housemate, has stated that if her ex-husband, Ajeboh Dominic, had obeyed and adhered to the agreement they made before entering the reality TV show, the story about what she did with Boma in the show would not have been as disastrous.

Tega revealed this during the Shine Ya Eye Reunion, Day 11, (episode 11) on Thursday night, June 16, when the show’s host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, asked her when she divorced her son’s father.

Tega stated that she and her then-husband divorced in the year 2020. Before she entered the House, they had a talk and agreed that he would not come out at any point in time to identify with the general public.

Tega also informed her ex-husband that she would be playing her game her way, and that he should avoid the online conversation. But, as we all saw, Tega’s ex-husband came out and revealed himself as her spouse when Tega’s under the duvet moment with Boma went viral.

Tega also mentioned that her tactic of telling her colleagues she was married when she first entered the House didn’t work well, as it turned out to be a fine plan with poor execution.

Ebuka asked: “So, Tega, I want to come to you now, because for those who don’t know, or may be hearing this for the first time. Boma just said you were separated already. When did it happen”?

Tega responded: “We separated 2020. We had a conversation”. Ebuka mistakenly asked, “You and your husband”? And Tega said, “No, my ex-husband”. And Ebuka added, “Oh, sorry, your ex-husband”.

Tega continued: “So, we had a conversation, because there was a mutual respect, because he’s the father of my kid. So, there’s this understanding. I told him, you know me, I’m crazy, right. This show, even my dad at past cannot stop me from going for it and it’s already time.

“You know I’m crazy, anything can go on, but please. Stay out of it. Don’t say anything and all that. It’s my game.

“For a fact, I didn’t go into the show as married, I went in as separated. In all my interviews, I clearly stated it. I went in as separated. So, getting to the House, to be very honest, the first thing that threw me off balance was walking in and seeing Jaypaul, but, Jaypaul didn’t know the situation that was going on.

“And I was like, is this guy going to snitch on me, what do I do? And during our introduction, I told them I was married. Now, that was supposed to be a strategy.

“Going deep into the show, I discovered this was doing something great, in a bad way. But to me, everything was all cruise. Everything that was going on between I and Boma was all cruise.

Ebuka interrupted and asked: “Marriage is a big deal, regardless of where it is, but may be I’ll say we’re a little more dramatic about the way we judge. So, how did that not kick in? To like telling yourself, okay, I wonder what people are saying about this. Why did you not say you were separated?

Tega answered: “Before I got into the show, we (I and my ex-husband) had a conversation. If he had stuck to the conversation, I believe all of these wouldn’t have happened, because he came out, and people say, oh there’s someone in the picture.

“So, if he had kept to the conversation, people will wonder where he is. Where’s this man? So, to me, it was a mind game”.

Ebuka went further and asked: “So, you mean saying that I’m married and they can’t see this person was supposed to be interesting”?

And Tega replied: “Going on in the show, I would have still come out. Like I said, I was playing a mind game. Going on in the show, I would have still come out, may be in one of our games, I would have just said it. But, it is what it is”.

Ebuka asked: “Same question I asked Boma. Was there at any point, outside of the friendship, you got feelings, because there were a lot of whispering, there were a lot of under the duvet moments, there was the green room. Was it all a game for you?”

Tega responded: “Okay, there were no feelings aside what we were doing in the House. There’s mutual respect between us. We know if we finally go out of the House, we will see ourselves like normal colleagues.

»Big Brother Naija Reunion: Tega says about her ex-husband did not stick to their plan«

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