Platform Accounting Group Secures $85M Funding to Boost Expansion

Platform Accounting Group Secures $85M Funding to Boost Expansion

Platform Accounting Group, led by CEO Reyes Florez, has successfully raised $85 million in a funding round, signaling a significant milestone for the company.

The round, spearheaded by Cynosure Group, saw participation from early investors Swell Capital and Peery Capital.

This infusion of capital is expected to propel the company’s growth and enhance its service offerings.

Funding Details:

In a funding round led by Cynosure Group, Platform Accounting Group secured $85 million, underscoring investor confidence in the company’s vision and potential.

This capital injection is crucial for Platform’s strategic initiatives, primarily centered around expanding its current footprint of 28 offices and fortifying its service portfolio.

Delving into the funding details provides readers with a deeper understanding of the financial backing Platform has received and its intended use for expansion.

Platform’s Mission and Operations:

Platform, under the leadership of CEO Reyes Florez, specializes in acquiring and supporting boutique professional services firms.

These firms focus on delivering a range of services, including tax compliance, attest, outsourced accounting, ERP consulting, and soon wealth advisory services to individuals and small businesses.

The unique approach of Platform involves preserving the small firm cultures while integrating 21st-century technology and connectivity.

By offering local teams enterprise-grade resources and support, Platform empowers them to concentrate on cultivating personal, high-touch relationships with clients.

Detailing Platform’s mission and operations provides context for readers, offering insights into the company’s business model and the sectors it targets.

CEO’s Perspective:

Reyes Florez, the CEO of Platform Accounting Group, emphasized the significance of the funding for boutique professional service firms.

He highlighted the challenges these firms face in remaining competitive and thriving without essential capital, operational support, and staffing resources.

Florez expressed pride in Platform’s role in fostering the growth, evolution, and success of boutique firms, which he believes play a crucial role in local economies.

Including the CEO’s perspective adds a personal touch to the news, giving readers insight into Platform’s values and commitment to supporting smaller professional service firms.


Platform Accounting Group’s successful funding round reflects the company’s dedication to empowering boutique professional service firms and facilitating their growth.

The $85 million injection will play a pivotal role in advancing Platform’s expansion plans and enhancing the support it provides to local economies.