Artist Creates New Sculpture of King, Depicting Changes in Appearance

Artist Creates New Sculpture of King, Depicting Changes in Appearance

...By Henry George for TDPel Media.

Leeds-born artist, Frances Segelman, has created a new sculpture of the King, marking his coronation, which depicts how he will look on his coronation day.


Segelman has previously created sculptures of the late Queen and Duke of Edinburgh and the then Prince of Wales in 2014.

The new sculpture is a life-and-a-half-sized rendition that will be completed once she has seen the King’s uniform on Saturday.

Segelman said that the King has become “more sophisticated” and “dignified” in the last decade and the sculpture also shows a look of concern on his face as he deals with “the weight of the world on his shoulders”.

Her 2014 work was based on facial measurements she personally made of the King, whereas the new work draws on recent images and other material.

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Segelman has sculpted other members of the royal family, including the Princess Royal and the Countess of Wessex, and plans to complete a depiction of the Queen Consort in the near future.

She also recalled measuring the late Queen with a pair of calipers, saying that it was “so unbelievable” that she was allowed to do that and take photos of her.


Analysis and Commentary

The creation of a new sculpture of the King, marking his coronation, is a reminder of the continued importance of the monarchy in British society, as well as the role of art in commemorating significant events and figures.

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The depiction of the King as “more sophisticated” and “dignified” suggests an acknowledgement of his growth and development as a person and as a monarch, which is likely to be reflected in the way he approaches his role.

The artist’s comments about the King’s concerned expression and the weight of the world on his shoulders are also noteworthy, as they suggest an awareness of the challenges and responsibilities that come with being a monarch.

The creation of a life-and-a-half-sized sculpture further emphasises the significance of the King’s coronation and the role he will play as a symbol of the nation.

The artist’s previous experience in sculpting members of the royal family, as well as her access to the late Queen for measurements and photographs, highlights the close relationship between art and royalty in Britain.

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It also suggests a certain level of trust and collaboration between the monarchy and artists, which is likely to continue into the future.

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