Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ Takes Creative Liberties: Depicting the Last Conversation Between Princess Diana and her Sons

Creative Liberties in ‘The Crown’: Fictionalized Last Conversation

The concluding series of Netflix’s royal drama ‘The Crown’ is set to depict the last time Princess Diana spoke to her sons, Princes William and Harry.

However, viewers should be aware that this portrayal is not a true reflection of the actual conversation but rather a creative interpretation.

 The Premise of Series 6: Princess Diana’s Final Weeks

In the initial episode of the final series, scheduled to cover the last weeks of Princess Diana’s life leading up to the tragic car crash in 1997, ‘The Crown’ takes artistic liberties to present a narrative of events, showcasing a fictionalized version of the late Princess’s emotions and interactions.

 Divergence from Actual Events: Discrepancies in the Depiction

The fourth episode of the concluding series features a phone call between Diana and her sons, where she expresses frustration and a desire to return to the UK.

However, according to the actual accounts of Princes William and Harry, this portrayal doesn’t align with their recollections of the final conversation.

 Princes’ Accounts vs. Netflix’s Narrative: A Closer Look

Prince William and Prince Harry, in a 2017 documentary, shared their memories of the last phone call with Princess Diana.

Contrary to ‘The Crown’s’ dramatization, their recollections suggest a more ordinary conversation, with the princes expressing regret about the brevity of the call due to their youthful eagerness to return to play.

Ordinary Conversation or Profound Farewell: Princes’ Perspective

The documentary reveals that, at the time, neither Prince Harry nor Prince William could have anticipated the significance of that call.

Harry, in particular, noted his regret over the brief nature of the conversation, highlighting that if he had known it would be their last, he would have said more.

The Ordinary Nature of the Final Call: Princes’ Desperation to Play

Prince William echoed this sentiment, describing the rush to say goodbye, emphasizing the ordinary nature of the conversation.

This perspective contrasts with the dramatic representation presented by ‘The Crown’ in its portrayal of Princess Diana’s final moments with her sons.

Conclusion: ‘The Crown’s’ Artistic Interpretation

As ‘The Crown’ concludes its journey through historical events, it is essential for viewers to recognize the show’s artistic license in weaving a narrative.

The divergence from the Princes’ memories adds an element of creative storytelling to the series’ depiction of Princess Diana’s final phone call.

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