Honoring Everyday Heroes: Marvel Artist Creates Superhero Figure and Comic Strip for Dancing Lollipop Lady

Honoring Everyday Heroes: Marvel Artist Creates Superhero Figure and Comic Strip for Dancing Lollipop Lady

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Dancing Lollipop Lady Honored with Her Own Superhero Figure and Comic Strip


Sandy Cox, a 56-year-old lollipop lady from Doncaster, West Yorkshire, known as ‘Mrs Lollipop’ at her school, has received a special tribute in the form of her own action figure and comic strip.

Renowned Marvel artist Will Sliney designed the action figure and created the comic strip to celebrate the extraordinary contributions of ‘everyday heroes’ in the UK.

Recognizing Everyday Heroes:

As part of an initiative by Unison, the UK’s largest union, Sandy Cox is one of four local government workers who have been given their own action figures.

These collectibles aim to highlight the invaluable role played by local council workers in providing essential services to the community.

Marvel Artistry and Comic Strip:


Will Sliney, a prominent Marvel artist, utilized advanced 3D printing technology to design the action figure models.

He also crafted comic strips depicting each ‘everyday hero’ and their work.

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In the comic strip, Sandy Cox is depicted springing into action, introducing herself as Sandy, one of the many everyday action heroes.

Mrs Lollipop’s Journey:

Sandy Cox initially worked as a dinner lady at Maltby Lilly Hall Academy in Rotherham.

When the school’s original crossing warden fell ill, she took on the role and eventually became known as ‘Mrs Lollipop’ among the schoolchildren.

Sandy added her personal touch to the job and even enjoys dancing to music with the schoolchildren every Friday.

Promoting Council Workers’ Contributions:


Alongside Sandy Cox, action figures and comic strips were also created to honor residential care worker Denise King, librarian Emma Braker, and refuse worker Richard Brace.

Unison aims to raise awareness of the significant role played by local council workers in delivering essential services to communities.

Proudly Serving the Community:

Sandy Cox emphasizes that many people do not fully comprehend the valuable work carried out by local councils.

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She likens it to the image of swans gracefully gliding along the water while beneath the surface, there is constant effort to keep things moving smoothly.

Sandy takes great pride in her job and expresses her passion for road safety.

She believes there is a lack of understanding among younger individuals, making her role as a lollipop lady essential not only for children but also for parents, carers, and grandparents.

The Significance of Local Government Workers:


Unison reveals that approximately 1.3 million people are employed in local government positions across England and Wales.

Through initiatives like these, it becomes evident that these workers play a crucial role in maintaining essential services and making a positive impact in their communities.


The tribute given to Sandy Cox, the dancing lollipop lady, with her own superhero figure and comic strip, shines a spotlight on the outstanding efforts of ‘everyday heroes.’

It celebrates the vital contributions of local council workers and their unwavering dedication to providing essential services.

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This gesture recognizes the often-overlooked heroes who work diligently behind the scenes to ensure the smooth functioning and safety of their communities.


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