Antiques Roadshow Shocks Guests with Valuable Discoveries in Derry, Northern Ireland

Antiques Roadshow Shocks Guests with Valuable Discoveries in Derry, Northern Ireland

In a recent episode of the BBC series Antiques Roadshow, a guest from Derry, Northern Ireland, brought along two chairs that her husband had purchased from a charity show for just £10 each.

Used as beds for their dogs, the chairs appeared worn but were described by expert Mark Hill as “battered but beautiful.”

The owner admitted that the orange material initially put her off, but the dogs seemed to enjoy lounging on them.

Mark Hill identified the chairs as the work of renowned American designer Adrian Persall, praising their “curving lines and sculptural form.”

Despite needing some refurbishment and cleaning from dog hair, the expert valued them at approximately £600.

Surprise Valuation Leaves Guests Astonished

Another guest on the show was left astounded when expert Andy McConnell revealed the true value of a wine glass bought for just 50p from a bric-a-brac stall.

The guest’s father had spotted it, initially offered for 10p, and decided to purchase it for 50p.

Andy McConnell, impressed by the glass, joked about wanting it for a quid before disclosing its historical significance.

Dating back to around 1705-1710, the wine glass was classified as a “heavy baluster” due to its 30% lead content, representing a rare find from over 300 years ago.

The valuation of £2,000 left the guest visibly shocked, prompting McConnell to encourage her to toast her father’s find by having a drink from the glass that very night.

Unveiling Hidden Treasures

These captivating discoveries on the Antiques Roadshow highlight the unexpected value hidden within everyday items.

From chairs used as dog beds to a humble wine glass bought for a bargain, the show continues to unearth treasures and stories that captivate both guests and viewers alike.

Tune in to Antiques Roadshow on Sunday evenings at 8 pm on BBC1 for more fascinating revelations.

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