Amy Dowden, Renowned Strictly Come Dancing Professional, Shares Personal Battle with Breast Cancer

Amy Dowden, Renowned Strictly Come Dancing Professional, Shares Personal Battle with Breast Cancer

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

Professional dancer Amy Dowden, known for her appearances on Strictly Come Dancing, has recently revealed that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32.


This news comes shortly after her honeymoon with her husband Ben Jones.

Overcoming Challenges:

Amy Dowden, who has previously battled with Crohn’s Disease since childhood, spoke to Hello! Magazine about her recent diagnosis, stating that she has faced numerous challenges in her life and this is yet another hurdle to overcome.

Sharing the News:

Amy took to Instagram to share the news with her 328,000 followers.

In her post, she expressed her determination to return to the dancefloor as soon as possible, despite her diagnosis.

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She shared her personal message, saying, “Hey all, I’ve got some news which isn’t easy to share.

I’ve recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, but I’m determined to get back on that dancefloor before you know it.


Welsh love Amy.”

Discovery through Fundraising:

Amy revealed that her participation in the CoppaTrek! event last June, a 100km walk in support of breast health awareness charity CoppaFeel!, ultimately led her to discover her own breast cancer.

Reflecting on her experience, she said, “You just don’t ever think it’s going to happen to you.

I hadn’t thought it was possible to get breast cancer at my age.

My mum has had breast cancer, but she had it at a later age, in her 50s.”

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Raising Awareness:

By sharing her story, Amy hopes to raise awareness about breast cancer and provide support to others facing similar diagnoses.

She emphasized the importance of regular self-checks and credited CoppaFeel! for potentially saving her life by prompting her to take action upon discovering a lump.

Amy expressed her gratitude, stating, “This last year, obviously, I made a conscious effort to check my breasts.


CoppaFeel! has now potentially saved my life because I don’t know how long this lump could have been there before I would have noticed and done something about it.”

Support and Encouragement:

Following the news, Amy received an outpouring of support from friends and co-stars.

Gemma Atkinson expressed her solidarity, writing, “We’re all fighting behind you all the way Amy! Sending so much love to you.”

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Diane Buswell also shared her encouragement, saying, “Our Welsh dragon is going to fight this!!!! And I cannot wait for the moment you are back on that dancefloor with us.

We love you so much Amy.”


Amy Dowden’s brave announcement about her breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 32 has shed light on the importance of early detection and raised awareness about the disease.

Despite the challenges she has faced, Amy remains determined to overcome this obstacle and make a comeback to the dancefloor.

Her story serves as a reminder of the strength and resilience that individuals can exhibit in the face of adversity.


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