President Buhari Expresses Anticipation for Departure, Urges Military to Stay Steadfast in Farewell Address

President Buhari Expresses Anticipation for Departure, Urges Military to Stay Steadfast in Farewell Address

...By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media.

President Muhammadu Buhari, who is approaching the end of his term, recently conveyed his eagerness for his upcoming departure from office due to the strain associated with his position.


He shared his sentiments during a farewell dinner organized by the Armed Forces of Nigeria in Abuja on Tuesday night.

The event was part of a series of activities leading up to the May 29 inauguration ceremony.

Apologies for Delay and Anticipation for Departure

President Buhari arrived at the event later than scheduled and extended his sincere apologies to the attendees.

He expressed his difficulty in managing the pressure and conveyed his desperate anticipation for the next six days to pass quickly, signaling his eagerness to conclude his term.

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Call for Steadfastness in the Face of Security Challenges

Despite his longing for the end of his term, President Buhari utilized the platform to urge the military and other security forces to remain steadfast amidst the persistent security challenges in the country.

He commended the military for their contributions to the ongoing fight against terrorism but stressed the importance of sustained efforts until security issues are fully resolved.


Acknowledging Sacrifices and Emphasizing the Way Forward

President Buhari acknowledged the sacrifices and commitments made by the military in tackling the numerous security challenges and their contributions to successful elections in the country.

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However, he emphasized that more needs to be done in overcoming the issue of insecurity.

He called upon the Armed Forces of Nigeria to maintain resilience in the face of the country’s security challenges.

Continued Support from the Administration

Assuring the military, President Buhari affirmed that his administration will continue to support them until the end of his term.

He stated that the government will not waver in extending support to the military, enabling them to effectively carry out their constitutional responsibilities.

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Furthermore, he emphasized that the sacrifices made by the nation’s fallen heroes will not be in vain.

In summary, President Buhari expressed his anticipation for the conclusion of his term due to the strain of his position during a farewell dinner.

While looking forward to his departure, he urged the military to remain steadfast in addressing the country’s security challenges.


President Buhari assured continued support from his administration until the end of his term and acknowledged the sacrifices made by the armed forces.

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