AC Milan vs. Udinese Suspended Amid Alleged Racist Abuse – Mike Maignan Takes a Stand

AC Milan vs. Udinese Suspended Amid Alleged Racist Abuse – Mike Maignan Takes a Stand

In a shocking turn of events during the AC Milan vs. Udinese match, goalkeeper Mike Maignan was allegedly targeted with racist abuse from home supporters.

The game, paused after 33 minutes, witnessed Maignan and his teammates leaving the pitch in response to the disturbing chants.

This incident marks a significant moment, as Maignan becomes the first player to request a match suspension due to racial abuse.

Maignan’s Stand Against Racism:

Expressing his discomfort with the racist chants, Maignan reportedly approached the referee, Maresca, seeking intervention.

The goalkeeper’s brave decision to address the issue during the game reflects a growing urgency to combat racism in football.

The incident led to a temporary suspension of the match, creating a powerful moment as Maignan and his teammates stood united against discrimination.

Team Support and Return:

During the brief exit from the pitch, Maignan received overwhelming support from both AC Milan and Udinese players.

The solidarity displayed by Udinese players, hugging and comforting Maignan, emphasized the collective stance against racism.

After approximately ten minutes, Maignan and his teammates returned to the field, demonstrating resilience and determination to confront the issue.

Challenges and Whistles:

Despite the players’ return, the atmosphere remained tense as whistles from the crowd marked Maignan’s comeback.

The Curva’s reaction added to the surreal nature of the situation, indicating the challenges faced by those taking a stand against racism within football.

Referee reassurances, though given, did not entirely quell the unsettling atmosphere.

Second Exit and Continuation:

Following an announcement through stadium speakers and persistent chants, Maignan and some teammates left the field once again.

This act underlines the complexity of addressing racism in football and the ongoing struggle to eradicate such incidents.

Despite Maignan’s courageous gesture, the match eventually resumed, highlighting the persistent challenges of combating racism in Italian football.

Broader Context:

This incident adds to a series of racism storms that have plagued Italian football, with notable cases like Romelu Lukaku facing abuse in the past.

The continuous battle against racism in football remains a critical issue, requiring collective efforts to enforce change and eradicate discriminatory behavior.


The suspension of the AC Milan vs. Udinese match serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing fight against racism within the football community.

Mike Maignan’s courageous stance underscores the need for continued vigilance and action to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all players.

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