Kelce Family Reunion in Buffalo – Jason and Kylie to Join Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift at Chiefs vs. Bills Game

Kelce Family Reunion in Buffalo – Jason and Kylie to Join Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift at Chiefs vs. Bills Game

In an exciting turn of events, Jason Kelce and his wife Kylie are set to attend the Chiefs vs. Bills game in Buffalo on Sunday to support Jason’s younger brother, Travis Kelce.

The anticipated family reunion raises the prospect of Jason and Kylie meeting Travis’s girlfriend, Taylor Swift, who is expected to be present at Highmark Stadium.

Sibling Support:

Jason Kelce, a prominent figure in the NFL, had hinted earlier in the week about the possibility of traveling to cheer for Travis during the crucial game.

According to reports from People, it is now confirmed that Jason and Kylie will be in attendance, adding an extra layer of familial support to the playoff showdown.

Meeting Taylor Swift:

The gathering in Buffalo is significant as it could mark the first meeting between Jason and Kylie Kelce and Taylor Swift.

Recent reports suggested a somewhat awkward relationship between the singer and the Kelce couple.

Kylie, known for her preference for watching games from the stands, might find herself considering a booth alongside Taylor Swift, especially with the forecasted temperatures ranging between 20 and 25 degrees.

Jason’s Playful Antics:

Adding a touch of humor to the situation, Jason Kelce jokingly mentioned on a podcast that he hosts with Travis, the New Heights podcast, that he might make the trip to Buffalo solely to partake in the quirky tradition among Bills fans—jumping through a table during tailgating.

This playful banter showcases the camaraderie within the Kelce family.

Uncertain Football Future:

With the Eagles’ recent exit from the playoffs, Jason Kelce’s long-term football future has been a subject of speculation.

Reports emerged on Tuesday suggesting his retirement announcement to the Eagles locker room.

However, since then, the 36-year-old athlete has remained elusive about his plans.

Travis Kelce even hinted on Friday that his elder brother might continue playing, adding an element of uncertainty to Jason’s football career.


As the Kelce family gears up for the Chiefs vs. Bills game in Buffalo, the prospect of a meeting between the Kelce siblings and Taylor Swift adds an intriguing layer to the playoff atmosphere.

Whether Jason Kelce’s retirement looms or if he continues his football journey, the family’s presence at the game promises an exciting and memorable experience for all involved.