8 Tips for Parents with Picky Eating Children

8 Tips for Parents with Picky Eating Children

Do you struggle with your child’s eating habits? It is one of the most common concerns of parents who are raising children-toddlers in specific. Do not sweat it if your child only wants to eat chicken nuggets and pizza. It is often known as typical toddler behavior. 

The food preferences of your child may change with time. Therefore, you’d have to recognize the changes and adapt quickly to maintain balanced meals. 

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We have gathered some useful tips and tricks for you to help your child be an adventurous eater. 

  • Remember Your Child Preferences:

The best way to avoid meal drama is by observing your child’s preferences. You can tackle your child’s behavior by learning how to let go of certain elements. For example: if your child doesn’t feel like eating then, don’t force him to eat! 

Or either you can serve smaller portions while presenting any new recipe. Be patient while feeding your child. You have to respect your child’s appetite or lack of one.

Remember, you are doing a great job at feeding your child and picky eating behavior is nothing out of the ordinary.

  • Routine Is the Best Way:

When you are dealing with toddlers. It can get pretty overwhelming. The best way to ensure things run smoothly is by following a routine. Do your best to stick to a routine and not make any sudden or extreme changes. 

Moreover, you can create a meal timetable to follow. In which you can plan out snacks meals to drinks for your kid beforehand. When you make a food timetable, you can ensure healthy, delicious meals for your child timely. 

This way, you can always offer a healthy snack if he didn’t eat properly or showed any mood swings while eating. 

  • Get innovative:

The children love a good variety of food and snacks. But here’s the deal:

After understanding your child’s likes and dislikes, you have to make it fun and not be repetitive. Get creative with your meal idea. 

For example, change the sauce or dip while serving his favorite veggies or simply enhance the colors by putting several options of vibrant color veggies into foods. Whereas there are some children who love eating repetitive food items. Meanwhile, some kids prefer a variety of usual meals.

  • Let Kids Be Kids:

Let kids be kids! Do not force any meals, drinks, or anything they disapprove of. We all know, a child could get stubborn if not moody while adjusting to a new routine to a meal that is new. Before making any changes you have to be patient. 

Yes, you heard it! We know, it’s hard but being delicate while dealing with your child’s eating habits is the key to tackling typical toddler behavior.

  • Skip The Prize Food:

Well, you might disagree but offering your child desserts right after meals? It can be a little distracting for kids to finish the present meal. It does sound tempting in the starting but in the long term, it’s not exactly healthy.

So, don’t bribe them. Instead, you can present the proper meal as a “Prize”. This way, food would be exciting and more adventurous simultaneously. Moreover, serving smaller portions to reduce food waste is also a smart way to incorporate healthy habits.

  • Believe in Your Child:

Your child knows when they are hungry or full! 

You should be able to trust your child with their food preferences to his natural sense of hunger as well as fullness. If you’d get to know the difference which is easier to tell, you’d be able to unlock new doors and will make a great team. 

It only leads to eating melodrama if you force your child into eating excessively. Your child will more likely listen to you and be open to new food options with time. So, next time make sure to let your child feel he has all the eating choices in the world and see the magic.

  • Cut Out Distractions:

We live in the era of technology. Therefore, make sure to minimize distractions during mealtime. This way, the picky eater would pay full attention to his meal. 

Be mindful of the screen time as it could be your child’s worst enemy to ensure a healthy lifestyle. It’s a good way of letting your child know that it’s mealtime by turning off the television or any electronic gadgets. 

  • Stay Positive:

Yes, we understand it’s not easy but being positive makes all the difference.

Did you know it can take up to more than 20 tries before your kid even look or touch or eat the food?

So, next time don’t panic. Because it happens to everyone. 

Introducing your child to new role models can also be beneficial. The children are more likely to try a new food if they see any adult or their favorite character trying it! It’s a good way of implementing new eating habits while ensuring proper healthy meals are there to keep them full!

You can always consult a doctor if you believe that picky eating habits are compromising the growth of your child. However, exploring multiple ways to have the best options right on is the ultimate way to ensure a healthy lifestyle. The small steps, meal preparations, subtle changes, and being patient will help you promote a lifetime of healthy eating. 

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About The Author:

Emma Smith is a well-known mom blogger. She lives in California with her family. She loves writing about different kids growing phases while researching on useful tips to tackle typical toddler behavior. 

»8 Tips for Parents with Picky Eating Children«

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