Zimbabwe Government Responds to Arrest of Nigerian Journalist David Hundeyin: Clarifying the Details

Zimbabwe Government Responds to Arrest of Nigerian Journalist David Hundeyin: Clarifying the Details

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Zimbabwe Government Clarifies Arrest and Detention of Nigerian Journalist David Hundeyin


The Zimbabwe Government’s Response to Hundeyin’s Detention

The Zimbabwe government has provided further details regarding the arrest and detention of Nigerian investigative journalist David Hundeyin.

Their aim is to prevent any potential impact on how Zimbabwean citizens are treated in Nigeria.


Nick Mangwana, the Permanent Secretary in the Information, Publicity, and Broadcasting Service of Zimbabwe, stated that Hundeyin had sought refuge in Ghana, fearing persecution in Nigeria.

Hundeyin’s Account of the Detention at Harare Airport

Earlier, Hundeyin took to Twitter to share his ordeal at Harare Airport in Zimbabwe.

He mentioned being detained in a locked room for nearly 7 hours, with officials claiming that he required a visa despite possessing a travel document from a visa-free country.

Hundeyin expressed frustration over the lack of communication and the unsanitary conditions in the room.


His plea to be released and allowed to return home emphasized his desire to avoid any further visits to Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Government’s Response and Explanation

In response to Hundeyin’s account, a Zimbabwe government official provided their version of events through a series of tweets.

They explained that Hundeyin traveled with Ghanaian asylum papers, as he claimed to be a Nigerian seeking refuge in Ghana.

However, Zimbabwe does not permit entry for Ghanaians without a visa, leading to his arrest, detention, and subsequent deportation.


The official reiterated that immigration laws apply to all, regardless of their profession or achievements, and that Hundeyin did not meet the requirements for entry into Zimbabwe.

Visa Requirements and Historical Relations between Zimbabwe and Nigeria

The Zimbabwe government clarified that Hundeyin’s Ghanaian refugee status and his failure to obtain a visa in Ghana were among the reasons for denying his entry.

They emphasized that the visa requirements are applicable to nationals from both Zimbabwe and Nigeria, highlighting the need to adhere to immigration regulations.

The official acknowledged that discussing an individual’s live immigration case on Twitter is unethical but suggested that the Nigerian Consulate could potentially intervene.


The government’s disclosure aimed to provide transparency while recognizing the potential impact on diplomatic relations and the treatment of Zimbabweans in Nigeria.


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