Carlos Alcaraz’s Physio Responds to Novak Djokovic’s Compliments and Discusses Tennis Longevity

Carlos Alcaraz’s Physio Responds to Novak Djokovic’s Compliments and Discusses Tennis Longevity

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Carlos Alcaraz’s Physio Responds to Novak Djokovic’s Compliments and Discusses Longevity in Tennis


Novak Djokovic’s Praise for Carlos Alcaraz and the Physio’s Appreciation

After their thrilling Wimbledon final, Novak Djokovic expressed admiration for the new champion, Carlos Alcaraz, describing him as a unique opponent unlike anyone he had faced before.

Alcaraz’s physio, Juanjo Moreno, responded to Djokovic’s kind words in an interview with the ATP Tour, expressing pride in his athlete and acknowledging Djokovic’s status as a tennis legend.


Concerns about Longevity in Tennis and Physical Demands

When discussing Alcaraz’s potential long-term dominance in tennis, Moreno appeared cautious, recognizing the challenges that come with longevity in the sport.

He emphasized the physically demanding nature of tennis, the possibility of injuries, and the unpredictability of match durations.

Moreno highlighted the importance of considering variables such as the type of balls used and the associated risk factors.

Calculating a player’s longevity becomes complex due to these numerous factors, making it difficult to predict how injuries and other circumstances may impact their career span.


Surprising Victory and Confidence in Alcaraz

Alcaraz’s victory over Djokovic, despite the latter’s 23 Grand Slam titles and recent Wimbledon successes, may have surprised some within the tennis community.

However, Moreno stated that he always had confidence in Alcaraz’s abilities.

He expressed the team’s preparation to win every competition they enter, carefully selecting tournaments.

The physio highlighted their successful adaptation to the surface at Queen’s and Wimbledon, and although the achievement was historic, they had expected to secure the victory based on their unwavering work ethic.


Alcaraz’s Improved Stamina and Overcoming Challenges

Moreno praised Alcaraz’s improved stamina and his ability to withstand the demands of a lengthy match.

Notably, Alcaraz did not experience cramps during his nearly five-hour Wimbledon final, contrasting with his previous experience at Roland Garros.

Moreno attributed the cramps at the French Open to the athlete’s nervous system rather than physiological factors.

Alcaraz’s ability to overcome those challenges and claim victory at Wimbledon demonstrated his capacity to learn quickly from previous experiences, solidifying his growth as an athlete.


Conclusion: Carlos Alcaraz’s physio, Juanjo Moreno, expressed gratitude for Novak Djokovic’s compliments and highlighted the physical demands and uncertainties in tennis that can affect a player’s longevity.

Despite surprises to some, Moreno had confidence in Alcaraz’s abilities and highlighted their preparation to win.

The physio also praised Alcaraz’s improved stamina and his ability to overcome challenges, showcasing his rapid learning from previous experiences.

Alcaraz’s victory at Wimbledon solidified his position as the talk of the tennis world and emphasized his potential for further success in the future.

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