Investigative Writer David Hundeyin’s Unexpected Date Dilemma

Investigative Writer David Hundeyin’s Unexpected Date Dilemma

David Hundeyin’s Memorable Date Experience

An Unexpected Turn on a Second Date

David Hundeyin, an investigative writer originally from Nigeria, recently shared his unforgettable and somewhat unpleasant dating experience with a Ghanaian actress.

This date took place in 2021 and followed their initial meeting on Tinder, which had gone well, leading to the anticipation of a successful second date.

The Choice of Venue

For their second encounter, Hundeyin chose to take the Ghanaian actress to Citrus Lounge in East Legon, a well-known and presumably charming location.

However, the outcome of the date took an unexpected turn, and Hundeyin found himself facing a situation that left him less than pleased.

A Surprising Guest

To his surprise, the Ghanaian actress arrived at the venue in the company of her cousin.

What made the situation even more challenging for Hundeyin was the cousin’s choice to order the most expensive seafood dish on the menu and consume it in its entirety.

This turn of events reportedly left the award-winning writer feeling quite taken aback.

End of the Date and Aftermath

Despite the unexpected developments, Hundeyin opted to handle the situation diplomatically.

He paid for the lunch and maintained a facade of enjoying the outing.

However, once he returned home, he decided to sever contact with the actress.


David Hundeyin’s dating experience serves as a reminder that unexpected situations can arise during even the most promising dates.

While he navigated this situation with grace by paying for the meal and maintaining a facade of enjoyment, the decision to block contact afterward suggests that the experience left him quite disheartened.

Dating can indeed be full of surprises, and stories like this one offer a glimpse into the complexities and challenges that can arise in the world of modern dating.